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“I want to help you FIRE your boss — and if you’re open-minded, and willing to try something new, it can happen in 12 months or LESS!”

If you’ve been looking for an easy way to start a profitable home-based business of your own, then I have some exciting news to share with you!

This unique and often ‘unheard’ of business can provide you with a very large income — an income so big that you can quit your current job, and map out the life of your dreams!

Imagine this for a moment...

Waking up next Monday morning, and instead of moving through rush-hour traffic at a snails’ pace, you wake up to thousands of dollars already deposited into your bank account — what a great way to start off your week!

But wait — it gets even better…

Your typical work days doesn’t consist of a boss breathing down your neck — no more tight deadlines and no more living week-to-week.

Instead, you only spend a day or two each week running your business — from home, and for the most part, that primarily consists of just talking to a few advertising managers each week to negotiate ad space in trade journals, magazines, newsletters and advertising spots on niche websites. And when your ads go live, they’re being seen by thousands, or perhaps millions of people who are ever so eager to place orders for your ‘knowledge’.

We’re not done yet — it continues to get better…

Credit card order notification fills your e-mail inbox day-in, day-out — whether you’re out enjoying time with your children, or out eating dinner with friends… it doesn’t matter, because your business will continue to ‘mint’ cash no matter where you are, or what you’re doing — it never stops.

Now if all of this excites you, then continue on; because your life is about to drastically change for the better!

What I’ve just described is NOT some dream with a fairy tale ending. And it’s not magic.

Then what is it — you might be asking yourself?

…it’s the normal operating procedure of a successful information marketing business.

The best way for me to explain what information marketing is all about, is to provide you with an example of such a business.

Meet my client, Mr. Ken Compton. He ran a very successful home inspection business for many years... And for those of you who are not familiar with home inspectors, these are the people who go in and inspect real estate property. People hire inspectors to inspect the property to ensure there aren't any major defects or flaws.

In other words, before you drop your life savings on your dream home, you hire these guys to make sure you're not about to inherit a $50,000.00 roofing issue after you move-in.

Anyhow, many home inspectors earn anywhere from $15,000 - $28,000 per year in revenue.

But that wasn't the case with Mr. Ken... This guy was generating in excess of $1 million dollars in revenue each year...

And guess what?

Ken decided to create an online course to teach other home inspectors everything he knew to help them generate more money and business.

In other words, Ken took what he knew, and packaged it up into an online training course.

We've been working with Ken for over 7 years and now he has home inspectors from all parts of the world each paying upwards of $10,000.00 a year to be in his top-level coaching program; hundreds more buying and using his advertising, marketing and business kits;  hundreds of subscribers to his monthly membership website; and clients flying in from all over the world to attend his annual 3-5 day workshops.

Ken’s online training course, 'also know as' an information marketing business, is a multimillion dollar operation, built from scratch in just a few years — with our coaching and mentoring.

It’s just Ken and his wife Beth. Prior to moving back to the North Georgia mountains, they lived in Naples and Venice, Florida. Their mornings included walking along the beach, and riding their bicycles in the evening, and enjoying their dinner on the coast watching the sunset.

There are plenty other examples of people like Ken who've made fortunes in the information marketing business, and these are just a few like...

  • Jermain Griggs: He made his fortune teaching individuals like myself how to play the piano by ear.
  • Sue Bryce: She teaches newbies how to take incredible photographs
  • Becky Higgins: She has an online course teaching people how to preserve their best memories by scrapbooking.
  • Andrew Wade : He teaches the fundamentals of recording rock vocals...and
  • Diane Fu: A fitness buff, has an online course where she helps people reclaim their health through fitness

What about you... What type talent or specialized knowledge do you have? What do you enjoy doing for fun? What type of hobbies do you have?

What is that one thing you can do all day and get lost in time doing???

That passion can become your profession... There are people all over the world who will pay you for what you know...

I was just a regular guy who made a bunch of money selling t-shirts online... I packaged up what I knew into a course and now I have thousands of paying members from different parts of the world; places I've never heard of, and many I can't even spell.

You can do this business...

For most people, it’s not the enormous income potential that attracts them to this business… it’s the lifestyle.

In the information marketing business, you get to create your ideal life. You live where you want to live — even if that means having a home on the east coast — and one on the west!

Four of our five children attend private school… My wife stays home and is currently building her own photography business.

We travel at our leisure, and I’m home everyday — I get to see my kids off to school, and I’m home when they return.

And, that’s what the information marketing business is all about — earning a good income while enjoying a great lifestyle! In this business, you are in control. You call the shots. And you have the freedom to enjoy your success.

The information marketing business is the “ultimate” business to be in. Maybe it’s because of all these great benefits:

This business has very low risks and low start-up costs... anyone can get started in this business right away! This business offers high profits and low risks! No direct selling involved — which means no rejection for you because all selling is done through ads, websites, postcards or sales letters! No need to go back and forth with employees… you can do it all yourself!

No inventory to buy. You don’t need an office or storefront… which could easily set you back a thousand bucks or more! You can operate this business from anywhere in the world — as long as you have an internet connection!

And best of all, success in your information marketing business means you can spend your time however you want! Spend it with your loved ones, traveling the world, enjoying your hobbies, or just living the good life. The choice is 100% yours.

Let’s Get Started

I’d love to introduce you to the amazing world of information marketing — my students are making a full time living packaging up their knowledge and I’d like to show you how to free yourself in as little as 12-months… It’s extremely easy to do and as mentioned early, the costs and risks to get started are extremely low.

If you’d like to learn how you can get involved in this business, click the 'Get Started Now' button and leave only your first name and e-mail address below so I can send you a training video that shows you 5-Ways to Get Started with Information Marketing today…

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