Using Credit to Start, Launch and Grow Your Small or Home Business

When I started my first business back in 1999, I had poor credit and very little money … Although I had BIG ideas and BIG ambitions, I still needed money to create my vision.

BUT … if I knew what I know now about personal credit, business credit, and managing my finances properly, things would have played out very differently.

Unfortunately, I didn’t know better back then … but now you have the opportunity to get access to information I wish someone shared with me back in 1999…

What you’re about to learn in today’s interview will be the breakthrough you need to building and using credit (and credit lines) to finance the startup and growth of your new or existing business.

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Model These 10 Millionaire Habits and You Too Can Be Happy, Healthy and RICH!

WOW … These 10 Millionaire Habits Really Can Change Your Life, in Just a Short Period of Time.

It’s really quite simple. Bad habits produce bad results. Good habits produce good results.

If you don’t pay yourself first after getting your paycheck, then you’ll likely be broke before your next paycheck arrives (thus the term, living paycheck-to-paycheck).

If you do pay yourself first after getting your paycheck, you likely won’t be broke before your next check arrives…

It’s simple little habits like these that’ll determine the quality of life you’ll live …

Don’t pay your bills on-time and your credit rating will drop … which means you’ll have to pay more money to get a car, or even an extra deposit or two in order to move into a house or an apartment. These poor habits will affect everything in your life moving forward … They even check credit to consider you for a job nowadays.

If you do pay your bills on-time, you’ll get the best rates on credit cards, car loans and mortgages. The good habit of paying what you owe on-time, will positively affect your life.

As you can see, the decision has been yours all along … But some of us have picked up bad habits from the very people who’ve raised us, and it’s not entirely our fault … But at some point, you’ll have to acquire new habits to get ahead.

bad habits = bad results

good habits = good results

Did you know that between 85% – 88% of millionaires in the U.S. are self-made, first generation rich? In other words, they didn’t inherit their wealth … they earned it themselves during their lifetime. [Read more…]

A Unique and Easy Side Business You Can Start with Less Than $50 Bucks!


Buy low, sell high … that’s the name of this biz and it has absolutely nothing to do with stocks, nor real estate. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to put a little extra cash in your pocket, then this little side business is going to excite you.

There are a bunch of local auctions and estate sales happening right in your town, and what most people don’t know, these events are open to the public.

They have auctions for everything ranging from furniture, antiques, commercial kitchen appliances, home furnishings, cars, boats and everything in-between.

Anyone can go in and start bidding on all types of stuff … and walk out the door with high-end, name brand items for pennies on the dollar…

Once I get this stuff … I typically turnaround and sell it for a quick profit!

I personally like to buy antique and mid-century chairs … I can buy them for cheap, and sell for a bunch of money. Every now and then, I’ll buy something random that [Read more…]

How I Beat Type 2 Diabetes by Juicing it Away!

Juicing Away Type 2 Diabetes

Back around March of this year (2014), I was sick like a dog … My entire day consisted of running back and forth to the bathroom to pee.

Even at night, it didn’t stop. I was becoming delirious from the lack of sleep because it seemed like I was getting out of bed to go to the bathroom all night long.

I just never seemed to get enough water … just had to have it non-stop.

The constant eating … I was devouring everything in sight. That non-sense went on for about a week before I finally decided to take my butt to the doctor.

I went to the urgent care center around the corner from my house early in the morning … Once I got there, they did some blood work on me and said my blood sugar was right below the 400 mark … I think around 390 to be exact.

The nurse practitioner looked me straight in the eyes and told me she couldn’t help me and told me to take my butt to the emergency right away … she started telling me that I could die and started feeding me with a bunch of facts about type 2 diabetes.

Stuff like loosing my foot and [Read more…]