Join my wife and I, as we go 'Off the Grid' with our 3 girls to travel around the world!

We've decided NOT to renew our lease and have just sold all of our belongings, packed up a few suitcases to travel around the globe to see what else is out there, and to expose our kids to new cultures and ways of thinking.

Follow us around the world and learn with us as we homeschool our kids, expose them to different cultures and languages, as we become citizens of the world.

In a back-alley waiting on Uber in Chinatown (Montreal, Canada)

Off the Grid with Cartess Ross & the Family!

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Who are we?

Ross Family

We are a family of seven, 4 girls and one boy. Our son graduated high school and lives in Georgia, and our 16 year old daughter is spending a year in the Czech Republic as an exchange student ... With that, we decided to travel the world with our 3 girls.

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