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  1. Jeffrey Summers says:

    need to know if i can buy screen printed transfers with designs already on them.

  2. Michael McNease says:

    Hello Mr. Ross,

    I’m in the designing phase just wondering how many designs should I come up before I put them on my website or start pressing my designs?

    • Cartess Ross says:

      Hi Michael, start where ever you’re at. There’s no magic number, the key is to just get started. For a quicker response, please post t-shirt biz related questions at

  3. need better contact placed order np phone contact very impersonal

  4. James Iwuchukwu says:

    Mr. Ross

    I was looking at the christmas kings kit, and i am a little skeptical. I am wondering what you think about it. Is it beneficial and as lucrative as they say or is this a scam? Let me know what you think.



    • Cartess Ross says:

      I think it’s legit — the key thing as in anything is working the business. If you’re willing to work it per their blueprint, you should be fine. Most people who buy into biz opps never take action.

  5. Hi Cartess,

    Do you know anyone that can make a design, based on my ideas, and put it on transfer paper for our heat press? Right now, we have an idea in mind and a heat press but we need someone to make our design come to life. Please help!

  6. Hi Cartess,

    I have really enjoyed your videos, very helpful! I am just starting out and new to all of the equipment needed. I plan to print photographs onto fabric. I am going to need to print at home. I have been told that laser printing gives the best print but I have watched your videos and you have suggested screen print first and inkjet second and definitely not laser. Is it correct that screen printing onto transfer paper has to be done custom and can not be done from home on a certain type of printer? You have also recommended the Epson WF 7010 printer for inkjet? Where did you find the girls underwear that look light tighty whities on your video?

    • Cartess Ross says:

      hi Jill,

      I’m glad the videos have been helpful. Screen printed transfers trump any other type of method, other than screen printing itself… You can’t make screen printed transfers from a laser or inkjet printer — it must be done by a screen printer. My preferred method is screen printed transfers. If you must do it yourself and you’re strapped for cash, then printing them yourself on a WP 7010 would be the way to go. Don’t use the ink that come with the printers — use high heat pigmented inks.

      We have more info on our site at

      Please direct any additional questions related to t-shirts on that site.

  7. Cartess Ross says:

    Not sure I know what you’re talking about… Direct all t-shirt related questions to for the fastest response, this is simply my personal blog outside of the t-shirt niche.

  8. Dear Cartess,
    First and foremost I would like to thank you for the valuable learning and tools you have shared since purchasing the course. I received my first order. I am eternally grateful that I took a leap of faith and purchased the course. God is truly in the blessing business. My first order was a 400 T shirt order. A month or so ago I would have never thought this was even possible. Do you know of any local Atlanta resources for the red grid paper? Please send me an e-Mail ASAP please to let me know. Again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, AND KUDOS.

    • Cartess Ross says:

      Awesome to hear your results… I’m not familiar with any companies in the area. Would Coastal Business overnight you the supplies?

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