Your Source Code to FREEDOM

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Ready to Live an Extraordinary Life???

 Statistics indicate 95% of you reading this post will be broke and dependent on your adult children and/or the government to take care of you at retirement age. In other words, you WILL be a burden on your adult children's family.

But you can beat those odds by resetting your mindset, and changing certain habits. Working like a dog and putting more hours in won't help you. You gotta go to the 'source code' and change the programming (your mind).

Each week, I want to send you actionable advice, and new habit-forming steps that will help position you to...

  • Make more money
  • Build positive relationships that help you grow
  • Launch a successful business
  • Achieve your most outrageous goals and dreams
  • And live a meaningful and purposeful life

In case you're questioning whether or not this is possible, let me explain...

When I look back over the course of my life, I realize the BIGGEST changes always came from the little things I've done over time. It was never the immediate BIG changes that yielded the big results. Whenever I jumped all in, I usually didn't stick it out long enough to complete it. I often got overwhelmed and placed it too the side with the idea of coming back later -- but I never came back.

For example, most people don't lose weight because they take a 'crash and burn' approach. They jump in immediately and go 'cold-turkey'. Quick and rash changes often lead to failure. They don't keep doing it. They stop. They get overwhelmed and because they changed too much early on.

It's the little changes that are repeated over and over again that yield the best results. For example, drinking one smoothie per day ... Much easier than making 3 smoothies to replace each meal everyday.

This is exactly how 'Source to Freedom' works. It's a weekly transformation program designed to change you a little bit at a time from the inside out.

How BIG and Outrageous are Your Dreams?

Do you want to live a bigger, wealthier and happier life?

Any ideas on what that type of life would look like to you?

Take a minute and allow your mind to dream BIG about how you'd truly like to live life. What would make you feel sooo fulfilled?

If you're bold enough to come up with the most outrageous lifestyle you really want live, 'Source Code to Freedom' can help you bring that idea into reality.

Research shows that your habits, which controls your behavior, determines if you'll be successful or not. If you're able to change your habit, your results change. The issue is that it's difficult to change your habits (subconscious mind) -- it doesn't want to be changed. That's why we go back to our 'old-habits'.

But the Source Code to Freedom system is designed to help you make subtle changes one step at a time. As your habits changes, so does everything else in your life. Let me show you how to get OUTRAGEOUSLY fantastic results for your life ...


Start with BIG Outrageous Goals & Dreams

To win BIG, you gotta be focused and moving towards something worthy. You'll get access to my Quick-Start Goal Setting training that makes goal setting fun and simple.

Get Weekly Doses of Wisdom and Inspiration

Each week, you'll receive a new training from Cartess on universal principals on money, health, relationships, so you can enjoy greater success and live the good life on your terms

Expand Yourself and Standout!

You gotta stand out and be outrageous in the things you do. I will help you get used to putting yourself into uncomfortable positions so you can grow and expand. The greatest opportunities tend to present themselves in the 'least' expected places.

Learn At Home, on Your Mobile Devices Anytime

Access the content as it releases anytime it's convenient for you. The members only area is mobile friendly and you can access while driving, walking or flying.

Connect and Grow

We're here to help you change your life. In the members area, you will be able to post questions and get feedback. You can share your stories of success and get ah-ha moments from others too.

Monthly Questions & Answers with Cartess

Join Cartess Ross each month for a Questions & Answers Webinar/Teleseminar. These live trainings are designed to go in-depth on trainings so members can get clarification and feedback of their journey


If you're ready to change the quality of your life, the 'Source Code to Freedom' is the best program for helping you achieve your goals and dreams. Each week, you'll be presented with new success trainings on various topics about money, health, personal development, leadership and sooooo much more. The trainings will be exactly what you need on the day you access it.

JOIN NOW: $195/Monthly (Cancel Anytime)

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