Client Intake

Before filling out the client-intake form below, please sign-up for the following services (the following services are what we recommend each course creator have) ... Website speed plays an important role and affects search engine rankings/positioning. We use the Wordpress software to build your course around, and the following hosting provider is tops for speed, security and support.

  1. WPX Hosting (opens in new tab)
  2. Aweber (opens in new tab)
  3. Stripe (opens in new tab) We'll use this to process membership payments directly from the website. Stripe charges standard 3% for each transaction. We'll set this up on your website.
  4. Shopping Cart (opens in new tab) This e-commerce cart will integrate everything together so all of these softwares talk to each other (when a new member sign-up, username/password is automatically created; they're also removed from prospect e-mail list to paid member list automatically; different level memberships can be created, etc...
  5. Wistia or Vimeo (opens in new tab) These are video hosting providers. Much of your course content will consist of video and you'll need videos that are hidden from public view so that only paying members can access it. These hosting services allow you to do that. On YouTube, people can find and share links to your content. I personally use Wistia (has more features) but Vimeo can definitely do the job, and is cheaper. 

*We already have the license to the software that'll secure and protect members only content. You do not need to purchase that.

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