The information marketing model is unknown to most folks — so it’s important you read through this and watch the video I have listed below… Don’t let the first couple paragraphs scare you off — I’m going to share some real life examples as you continue to read below.

Information marketing is the creation and promotion of info-based products that are created once and sold over and over and over again.

Examples of info-products include eBooks, workbooks, DVDs, CDs, webinars, online membership websites, mp3 audios and more.

These info-products can be put together using the talents, knowledge and skill-sets you possess — or you can extract the information from others who are in the ‘know’ and package it up to resell.

I’ve said this before … I ran a successful Christian t-shirt business that sold millions of dollars worth of t-shirts all over the world.

cross-teesI later wrote an eBook outlining everything I did to start, run and grow the business.

Well guess what — thousands of other people from around the world were waking up each day with the idea of starting their own t-shirt business.

Their online searches eventually led them to videos I had online and to my website on this topic.

Instead of trying to figure out how to do it themselves, thousands of people each year started buying my eBook — earning me hundreds of thousands of dollars per year from an eBook I wrote over the weekend.

I later turned the eBook into an online course that was only accessible through a paid membership website that was locked down and required a username and password.

I charged 10 times more than what the eBook cost — and earned a small fortune from content I created once — and sold over and over again!

$100,000.00 in Revenue Teaching People
All About Smoothies & Green Juices!

This doesn’t apply to just business opportunities — I recently met a lady earning a 6-figure income teaching others how to make green juices and smoothies…

She’s managed to compile a variety of recipes for making these juices and smoothies into an eBook and is earning a size-able income teaching and sharing something she loves.

In another example, I previously partnered with a landscaper to create a course teaching others how to start their own landscaping business.

Granted, I know absolutely nothing about landscaping — but that’s the beauty of this business model, you don’t have to.

You can find others who are familiar with the topic and partner with them to package up a course.

For the sake of disclosure, I must admit we never finished the course (he bailed out on me), but that didn’t stop people from trying to purchase the training when we attempted to pre-sell it (I had to refund everyone’s money when I couldn’t get him to show-up to webinars and finish the course).

To see how simple it was to get started, take a look at the video clip we made on a bright and sunny day in front of his pick-up truck to launch this new info-marketing business.

In just about 2 years, that video has been seen by over 42,000 people and has generated thousands of leads for us…


Whatever skill-sets, talents or knowledge you have tucked away in your head, others want to learn from you — and they’re willing to pay you top dollar for your ‘know-how’.

Forbes magazine recently wrote an article about Salman Khan, founder of Khan Academy. This is the guy who teaches math online.

His ‘online school’ has rapidly become the largest school in the world, at 10 million students strong. You can jump in and do the same thing — he started on YouTube!

iPads, iPhones, Androids, Kindles and tablets are being sold at an astronomical rate; hundreds of millions of people are using these devices to download and consume content.

Not too long ago, I built up a following of over 500,000 students into my online magic school… I made good money from it and I’d love the opportunity to teach you how to break into the ‘info-marketing’ / info-product creation business.

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