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Who is Cartess Ross?

"I help regular folks turn their experiences, heart-aches, tragedies, passions and hobbies into income streams that pay them over and over again."

Online Courses gives me freedom, options, and money ... How would you like to live your life?

Where would you vacation? Here I am walking the streets of Medellin, Colombia in South America, eating fresh papayas! My family & I lived here 6-months. Where would you go?

I got to spend all of my time taking care of my dad during his last 4 1/2 months of life, after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Could you afford to take care of family with a traditional 9-to-5 job?

Wanna home-school your kids? I do, and I get to decide what they learn. We get to travel and go as we please. They get to learn through our travels and experience different cultures. My online courses make this possible.

YES Cartess... Show me how to put a course together in a day or two! 

*Disclaimer: I don't believe in get-rich quick schemes. Making money online takes time, dedication, and hard work. There are risks involved with any type of startup business, including the loss of your investment. Other people's performance is not indicative of your results. Results may not be typical and can vary from person to person. 

Cartess Ross

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