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"Life changing stuff ... I was shocked to learn how I was sabotaging my own efforts daily"

How do you get more of the right stuff happening in your personal life?

Watch the video below to discover why your thoughts, words, and beliefs might be keeping you from having more money, freedom, and the lifestyle you desire:

A simple homework exercise

Grab a journal or notebook and simply write down every single thought that pops up in your mind. Regardless of how ridiculous it is, write it down.

If you're like me, I thought I was clever enough to remember my thoughts to write them down later. 

That didn't work. 

So I kept and brought my notebook to the store, kept it in the car, etc ... That's when the real breakthrough happened.

So ... Write it all down. EVERY single thought that pops in your head - no matter how many times you think the same thing, write it down.

Do this for the entire day and review it at the end of the day... You'll be shocked.

It's your turn ...

I'd love to hear how your thoughts, beliefs and words have affected your life... Please take a moment and share, or ask questions below:

Cartess Ross

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