Stop Dreaming and Start Living Your Dreams Now—and Say Goodbye to Being Trapped in the Same Old Boring Life (for good)! 

Ditch Uncertainty, Declare Your Dreams, and Draft a Plan to Achieve Them

Are you sick and tired of living the same old mediocre life over and over again?

Do you ever feel like there's sooo much more to this life than what you're currently experiencing right now?

Do you ever get that urgent feeling that things needs to change now?

Do you ever get that urgent feeling that something needs to change now before you pop-off or lose it? 

Would you happily live out the rest of your life if you only had to do the things that make you completely happy, satisfied and fulfilled?

Researchers find 69% of people feel trapped in the same old routine, and over 40% are unhappy with their lives

Cartess Ross

Cartess Ross,
Dreams & Goals Coach

Those are shocking numbers ... Just 3 in 10 people are 'happy with their lives".

Money problems, relationships that aren't going anywhere, and unfulfilling jobs were the main reasons people said they weren't happy!

Fears over aging, mounting debt, paying rent/mortgage, and stress from the J.O.B. are amongst the 20 top common worries.

People are just flat out miserable together, and they're miserable alone!

Truth is, most people don't know how to be happy ... Most don't even know what they want to do.

Dreams + Goals = Long Term Happiness

A study published in the Journal of Happiness Studies found a strong link between goals and positive feelings and overall life satisfaction.

Researchers also noted that the effect was stronger when the studies defined successful goal pursuit as progress instead of achievement (in other words, moving towards our goals might bring us just as much satisfaction as actually reaching them).

So having a bunch of steady goals throughout your life could make you totally happier!

Are you ready to take your dreams & goals and come up with a plan to achieve them in record time?

Our unique program is for people who are unhappy or sick of being trapped in the same old routine, and are ready to take charge and reset their lives!



A 4-week live group coaching program to help you identify your dreams and chart a plan that lets you achieve your goals - regardless of your current circumstances.

I'll guide & help you...

  • Identify all your big dreams and goals 
  • Find the TRUE why behind the dream/goal 
  • Determine where you're at and what's needed to analyze your starting point
  • Be very specific in determining your exact wants.
  • Identify obstacles that may keep you from achieving your dreams
  • Identify the skills & knowledge required
  •  Identify who can help you move closer towards your goals
  • Draft a plan around these steps we're uncovering here
  • Create a vision board with pictures of your future
  • Inspire and motivate yourself - so you don't quit
  • Start now so you don't overthink this
CArtess Teaching

When you complete this interactive training, you will...

  • Know what your dreams and goals are so you're no longer living day to day without clarity and purpose
  • Understand the deeper WHY behind your dreams and goals. This WHY is what pushes you towards success
  • Determine where you're at and what's needed so you can move forward.
  • Know exactly what you want so nothings left to chance. Lack of specificity is what keeps people from making the decision to move forward
  • Identify between 'real' and 'imagined' obstacles that may keep you from achieving your goals
  • Know what skills, training or knowledge is required to put yourself on the winning track
  • Be able to clearly identify people or organizations that can help you move towards achieving your dreams
  • Have a clear step by step blueprint that puts you on track towards achieving each and everyone of your dreams and goals  
  • Pictures are a glimpse of our future. You will create a physical vision board to see daily what you're working towards
  • Learn techniques to use to keep yourself motivated and inspired. Truth be told, family and friends won't do this for you.
  • Take action and begin immediately without delay so you can move closer to your goals and dreams each day

4-Weekly Live Online Workshops and Group Coaching Calls to Get Your Questions Answered

Don't worry about getting stuck ... Join me once a week for 4-weeks on our live online workshops and group coaching calls.

We'll work on this together and you'll be given assignments and worksheets to complete after each session and we'll discuss in the following week.

This is your chance to get customized help from me directly during our weekly workshops/group coaching calls.

*If you're unable to make the live workshops/calls, it will be recorded and you can access the downloads in the members only area.

If You're Ready to Finally Reset Your Life and Live a Life of Happiness on Your Terms - Join Me in this Workshop.

Next LIVE Training Starts Sunday, March 24, 2019 @ 6:00 p.m.

$195 Pre-pay Now & Save!

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