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Masterclass: How to Make a Course in a Day or Two

WELCOME ... Online courses are BIG and can change the quality of your life. The courses I've created have given my family the ability to travel abroad, live anywhere in world, fund private school for our 5 children, and have total freedom.

Whatever your hobbies or interests are, it can all be packaged into a course and turned into a business model that can fund your best life.

I'm going to layout the blueprint I use to build courses for myself; and it's the same formula others have paid me in excess of $50,000 to create for them.

The training you're about to watch was created when I was challenged to put together an entire course in one day. I find people take too much time putting a course together, and as a result, they typically never finish it. That's sad because many of these folks had the makings for a great courses, but just never completed it.

Everything you're about to see did not exist until the moment I got out of my car in the video clip below. The first 3 clips you're about to see below are only about 2-minutes each ... Please watch all 3 clips below, otherwise, some of the stuff in the main training (4th video) won't make too much sense.

VIDEO #1)  In the 2-minute video below, you'll see my introduction to sign-up for my FREE training (this would traditionally go on the front page of the website to pitch the idea of building your own course). As you'll learn in the training, you generally want to offer something of value, that you can give away in order to capture the name and e-mail address of the person wanting the thing you're giving away.

VIDEO #2) Remember, before I got out the car, this course did not exist. I was creating it the moment I got out the car. As I went into my office, I decided to show you my 'studio setup'. So I pulled out my cell phone and recorded it below.

I wanted you to see how simple and inexpensive my setup was. It's nothing fancy, and it's something you can do from your home too. No expensive equipment required.

If you have a decent cell phone with video recording capabilities, you should be able to duplicate this setup for about $100 bucks.

VIDEO #3) To create a successful course in a day or two, you must do a brain dump, and layout all of your knowledge into a structured outline. From the time I got out of the car, it took me little over an hour to write out this outline (I'll use this outline to create my entire course - I show you how to do this too)

The MasterClass Training 

In the following training, I show you all of the pieces that must connect together to build your money making course in record time... Click the play button below:

What's the Next Step...

To start building out your course, you must first identify the course you want to create and teach. I meet a lot of people who are unsure of the talents/knowledge they possess. They question if it's good enough, or if it's something others wish to learn.

I can help you identify the course that's waiting to be birthed out of you. If you're interested, I take you through a DEEP-DIVE interview.

DEEP-DIVE is where I jump deep in your head and press you hard for 1-2 hours straight about your goals, ideas, background, experience, talents, hobbies and knowledge.

I press you about the vision you have for your business and why you wish to start. We'll break down who you're targeting and determine if there really is a market for what you're wanting to package. 

We'll identify who your competitors are, what they do well, and what you can do better. We'll try and identify a weakness that can be exploited from your competitors so you can use it to your advantage.

We'll identify who your customers are, where they hang out at, how to get your course in front of them, and how to get them to buy. 

This is DEEP-DIVE! At the end of all of that pressing and digging, I'll write up a 2-4 page brief which outlines your opportunities in the business, along with a step-by-step plan of action for you to follow to start building out a course for maximum growth.

Please realize this is NOT for everyone... Deep dive is for those who are not sitting on the fence wondering if this is for them. This is for those who are ready to start and are looking for a blueprint to get them going with the least amount of errors.

If you've already started, this will allow you to get a deep perspective from my vantage point on things that can be done to improve and move your course business forward, and much faster. So if you're stuck right now, this will help you immensely. 

Think of this as a coaching call where you can get the advice you need to propel your course business forward. 

Tiger Woods, one of the greatest golfers in the world need a coach and a mentor. One might ask, 'Why would Tiger Woods need a coach?"

The answer is a rather simple one...

  • He needed a coach because he couldn't see his own swing
  • He needed a coach to help him define a goal
  • He needed a coach to draw up a plan to help him reach the goal
  • He needed a coach to provide discipline, encouragement, and support along the way

I want to help you unleash your true genius ... I want to help you reach success with your own course. I want to keep you from making the same mistakes I made when I first started -- so let's get on with it!

You can sign-up for DEEP-DIVE for just $375 today. 

*After you purchase, my project manager will follow-up with you to schedule a time that works for both you and I. Make sure to leave a good phone number and e-mail address so you can be reached.

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