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Don't believe you got a winning course inside you? Overwhelmed with the tech stuff and don't know where to start? Join me 1-on-1 for a deep-dive interview to get clarity on the what, where and how to create the ultimate course. I'll dig and probe you over the course of a 60+ minute session, helping you uncover and shape your knowledge, background, and skills into a course that FREES you. 


I'll take all of the information gathered from our 1-on-1 session and will write up a detailed brief that outlines the steps you need to follow to build a first class course.

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Online Courses gave me freedom, options, and money... How would you live?

Where would you vacation or live?

Here I am walking down the streets of Medellin, Colombia in South America, eating fresh papayas! My family and I lived here 6-months. We stayed in Montreal Canada before this trip! Where would you go?

How would you allocate your time?

After my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, I spent all of mine taking care of him during his last 4 1/2 months of life. Would your job let you have that much time off? Could you afford to care for family with a 9-to-5 job?

Would you home-school your kids?

I get to decide what they learn. We get to travel and go as we please. They get to learn through our travels, & experience different cultures. My knowledge packaged into online courses made this possible for me.  What do you wish to do?

Yep! I want Cartess to help me monetize my knowledge

Cartess Ross

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