'Happiness now' session

Time to Take Your Happiness and Life to the Next Level?

It's hard to be happy and live your full potential when you don't know what inspires and motivates you! I want to help you identify and outline your goals so you'll have action steps and a clear path to achieving those goals.

This 'Happiness' session is designed to help you re-evaluate your existing circumstances and to help you create options to move you forward towards a happy and fulfilled life.

Prior to our scheduled session, you'll watch my signature 'Outrageous Goals and Dreams' video and you'll be required to complete the worksheets from that training. Our clients find this training alone is worth the small investment for this session - it's life changing stuff!

Our telephone session will be recorded, and afterwards, I will send you notes and an outline with next steps to get you moving toward your goals and happy life.

The introductory 'Happiness Now' coaching and training session is approximately 60-90 minutes and your investment is $777 $375 when you book by midnight! 

It is my goal to push you out beyond your comfort zone so you can do amazing things ...

From $1 million to $10 million...

Check out the transformation from one of my clients...

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He will get in your grill and press you, so if you're lazy and make excuses, he won't hear it. I needed someone who believed in me and stayed on my butt...

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Yo, yo, yo... I'm Cartess

It's time to live your 'Happy Life' now!

It is my goal to help you find freedom and rid yourself of any self-doubt and that 'stanking-thanking' (stinking thinking).

It ain't always been easy for me, but one day, I made a decision that I wanted more. I came up with a plan and worked it.

Was it easy? No. But the journey sure was fun as hell, lol. 

So book a time with me and let's help you map out your fun-filled journey.

Cartess Ross,
Chief Maniac in Charge