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I believe strongly in equipping individuals with the tools and resources they need to excel and thrive with transformational teachings and online trainings.

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How-to Content & Trainings

Want to make money online? Want to achieve goals? Want a winning mindset? Learn how to blog? I share my knowledge to help you win.


Monthly Protégé Insider–LIVE

Each month, I'll host a private LIVE training on various topics. After the training, I'll open it up to help or answer questions you may have.


Insider Interviews & Tips

Get insight on those living in different countries, those making money, and those thriving and living.

Some of the Topics You'll Learn as We Add to the Membership Each Month On-Demand and from LIVE Monthly Protege Insider Trainings Where You Get to Ask Questions:

How to Create Your Own Course

Course building is popular. Learn this skill set to make your own courses (or partner with others to create their course and earn as the Publisher).

How to Monetize Your Following

A lot of folks with a huge fanbase but they can't figure out how to monetize their following. We'll talk on that!

How to Move Abroad

I currently live in Mexico & it's allowed me to cut expenses more than 1/2 so I can focus on growing my savings & plan for retirement (while living the good life now). Mexico is amazing!

How to Sell Online & Get Clients

Got products or services you wish to sell online? I'll be teaching it all. Get in now and learn the basics to selling products and services on the Internet.

Write Your Own E-books & Earn

This is the simplest way to get start making money online. You need a product to sell and ebooks are great to start with. Let me teach you the ropes!

How to Blog & Earn

Blogging is a great way to get your brand out and it's a great way to earn. I'll show you how to quickly get your own blog up for cheap!

How to Set & Achieve Your Goals

Without goals you have no boundaries and no direction. We'll show you how to use goal setting to achieve any goal and dream you want!

Building a Winning Mindset

Half the struggles and traps we deal with come from within. If we can't get our mindset and beliefs right, we're screwed before we start. Let's a winning mindset that works for you!

Make Money w/ Your Own T-shirts

I've been been designing and selling t-shirts for years on the Internet. If you got some ideas for shirts, I can show you how to get started in this space.

How to Get Started on YouTube

Start now, don't wait ... Start documenting your processes and sharing your passion. I'll show you how to monetize your platform.


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  • Access to New Monthly Trainings & LIVE
  • Ask Questions & Get Help During LIVE Training
  • Learn New Skills to Make Money Online
  • Set Goals and Create Plan to Achieve Them
  • Interviews From Expats and Other Biz Owners
$97 x 4 Monthly Payments

Prepay and lock in this discounted rate for a year.

  • Access to New Monthly Trainings & LIVE
  • Ask Questions & Get Help During LIVE Training
  • Learn New Skills to Make Money Online
  • Set Goals and Create Plan to Achieve Them
  • Interviews From Expats and Other Biz Owners
  • Prepay and Save
$319 One-Time Payment

From $1 million to $10,000,000

A major transformation for this client who wanted to grow her real estate brokerage

"I Needed Someone Who Believed In Me!"

He will get in your grill and press you, so if you're lazy and make excuses, he won't hear it. I needed someone who believed in me and stayed on my butt...

Jackie Wilson

President, Enterprise Investments LLC

Meet Your 'Protege Insider' MENTOR

I'm Cartess Ross and I wanna see you thrive and win BIG this year!

Join today and let's work together to help you achieve your goals and dreams; I'll pour all the knowledge I have to help you win BIG!

I've personally sold millions of dollars worth of products and services on the Internet, and have helped thousands of businesses over the last 20 years, along with digital courses used by thousands of students worldwide.

When you join my Protégé Insider program, you get access to my experiences and knowledge at a significant discount.

This is a new program I'm offering and I expect it to fill up fast, so jump in right now so you don't miss this amazing opportunity!

I priced it to make it affordable to everyone.

Cartess Ross, Mentor

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