WOW… I’m overwhelmed by the number of e-mails and comments I received to my last post about how juicing got rid of my diabetes … Thank you all for the kind words.

I also received a lot of questions about whether juicing could clear up a lot of other ailments and illnesses….

While I can’t say YES … because I’m not a doctor. I have come across thousands of case-studies from others who’ve indicated how juicing cured them.

Not only that … I’ve seen first hand how juicing has not only gotten rid of my diabetes, but it has also allowed me to have more energy.

I haven’t had a single cold in the last 9-months … prior to that, I usually got a cold every other week from the kids during the school year … I’ve had NO colds or coughs at all this year.

Even my ‘libido’ is back … Now imagine that … Well DON’T imagine that, LOL!

My cholesterol went down … I lost 15 pounds!

Even my blood pressure has gone down … although I’m still taken medicine, they’ve been altered and I’m now banking on the fact that my new raw diet will have me off of all my pills within the next 12-months … possibly sooner!

Not only that, but a few weeks ago, my entire family was shut down with some type of nasty virus or bacteria … everyone was vomiting, coughing and running to the bathroom with uncontrollable bouts of diarrhea …

Everyone EXCEPT me … I’ll admit … I was nervous during that phase. I was sure I was next, but I didn’t get a thing!

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get everyone in the house onto my routine yet, but they do enjoy the occasional smoothies I make.

As I start my new raw eating lifestyle, they’ll likely have to transition to what I’m doing because I’m not going to be buying 2 entirely separate types of groceries into our house … not only that, I don’t want to set myself up for failure by having all of that poison in the house either.

Sooner than later … they’ll have no choice but to come to my way of healthy eating. Besides, it’ll save their lives!

Anyhow, you all didn’t come to listen to me talk about colds and libido, so let’s get to it.

Juicing Versus Blending (Smoothies)

I do both and in this section, I’m going to talk about the benefits of both juicing and smoothies…

Further down, I’ll provide the recipe I used for getting rid of my type 2 diabetes … I’ll also refer you to some links for more information that relates to how juicing could get rid of a variety of ailments/illnesses.

A lot of people are confused about this process …

Juicing is a process in which your machine (juicer) extracts most of the juice from the fruit/vegetable and the juice goes into one compartment, and the pulp/grind goes into another compartment.

With blending, nothing is removed… Everything is is pulverized and you’re essentially left with what people call a smoothie.

Here’s a great breakdown that actually shows and explain … I’ve spent hours watching this guy’s videos to learn about juicing when I first started this journey … he was a BIG help!

I’m going to assume you watched the video above and not spend a lot of time explaining a bunch of the same stuff he covered.

I did opt for juicing to heal my body … it seemed to be the quickest way to get results.

I didn’t make smoothies until only a few months ago … in hind sight, I wish I did both.

It was hard to get full and satisfied off the juice. I had to drink a lot of juice to get satisfied and fill fulfilled.

I wasn’t eating a typical diet, so that played a lot into why I didn’t feel full… But now that I do both juicing and smoothies (blending), I’m much more satisfied and full as a result of the excess pulp left behind in the smoothies.

And you still benefit enormously from the smoothies as well … it’s a lot better than nothing, which is what most people do … nothing.

Juicing is time consuming and you will spend a lot of time in the kitchen prepping your fruits and vegetables.

I spent hours in the kitchen each day while juicing … fortunately, I’m my own boss and that freedom allowed me to do that.

It’s recommended that green juices be consumed immediately after making … especially if you’re juicing to rid yourself of a particular illness or ailment. The more fresh and potent the juice, the better.

But again, it’s impractical for most people to utilize this routine I’ll discuss momentarily.

I’ll be upfront with you … this is a lot of work. Most people won’t likely do it. But I was determined to rid myself of diabetes, so I had no choice … if you can go through this, I promise you’ll benefit from it.

My Recommended Juicer and Blender

These things can get costly… They can range from a few hundred dollars up to a few thousand…

The difference in the higher end ones is the fact that it can extract more juice from the produce you buy … much more potent.

With my experience with both a lower end juicer and the middle of the road juicer, I did see the difference. It is my plan to later purchase the Norwalk Juicer, which is the cadillac of juicers and they’re expensive.

Dr. Gerson’s therapy patients use this juicer for treating cancer patients … we’ll talk about him later (that’s where I got my recipe for curing my type 2 diabetes).

Anyhow, after watching the Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead video, I did research on juicers and settled on the Omega VRT350HD Juicing System. You can get them now on Amazon for like $275.00. Just less than 12-months ago, they were selling for $380.00, so they’ve come down now.

After using that one for about 2 weeks, I decided to take it back to exchange for the Breville juicer used in the Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead movie … somehow, I thought I was missing out on something.

Boy was I wrong … The quality of the juice was night and day.

The Omega’s juice was much more potent, whereas as the Breville juicer I purchased produced a more watered down juice.

The colors of my juice was much richer with the Omega VRT … I immediately took the Breville back and swapped it out for the Omega the following morning … the quality was that drastic.

Nonetheless… It’s clear the Breville juicer works. You saw the results from the movie.

If I had not tried the OmegaVRT first … I never would have taken the Breville back. If money is an issue, get the Breville.

Plus … check on websites like Craigslist. Many people buy these machines with the intent on juicing, but generally quit a week or two in … You can essentially get a new machine for 50-75% less by getting it used.

Also, Amazon usually has a ‘buy used’ option under each of their listings … check there first to find a deal as well.

Regarding smoothies … I only recently started juicing a couple months ago with a Ninja Blender.

It has worked wonderfully … I believe we paid something like $99 or $149 for the one we bought.

Juicing Recipes

In my search for a solution to beat diabetes, my research kept leading back to the Gerson Therapy.

I suggest you read up on his research … lots of people have gone to this organization for cancer treatment and there seems to be a lot of evidence and people to support the claim that they can cure just about anything.

With big claims like that, he was practically ran out of the US and is now in Mexico … People from all over the world go there for treatment.

I’m not here to prove whether or not his methods cure cancer or other illnesses.

All I know is that my diabetes is gone and hasn’t come back … even with my infrequent splurges of sweets, colas and candies.

I feel great and I’d highly recommend you give it a try … but do your own research and I’ll provide some links below.

Before reading the recipe below … read the following link first to get an understanding of how the Gerson Therapy works … This applies to you whether or not you have diabetes. If you’re trying to rid yourself of any type of sickness or ailment, this is the primer you need to read:

The Gerson Therapy:

This is his GREEN Juice Recipe and Preparation:

Here’s a supplement for diabetics for the recipe above:

On the first document, ignore the part about the juicing cloths. If you’re using the Breville or Omega Vert juicer, this does not apply.

These are the ingredients from their recipe guide:

  • Dark green lettuces – ¼ to ½ of a head (depending on the size of the lettuce): red and green leaf
  • lettuces, romaine, endives (Iceberg is useless and do not use)
  • Escarole – 2 or 3 leaves
  • Beet tops (young inner leaves) – 2 to 3 leaves
  • Watercress – 5 or 6 leaves
  • Red cabbage – 2 or 3 leaves
  • Green bell pepper – ¼
  • Swiss chard – little
  • *Green apple – 1 (see note below)

As a type 2 diabetic, sweets caused by blood sugar to spike. For some people, an entire GREEN APPLE may cause your blood sugar to shoot up. I had to cut my apple in half to keep my sugar lower … a few weeks in, I was able to use 3/4 of an apple, and then eventually the entire apple.

Make sure you check your blood sugar regularly because you may have to eliminate the apple from the recipe altogether.

Believe it or not, this green juice tastes really good — the GREEN apple is what gives it a very nice flavor.

I had a glass in the morning and I had one for lunch as well. I had one of those big glasses — if I had to guess, it was probably a 32 ounce glass.

To keep food in my stomach, I always made a big batch of stir fry veggies with either some turkey breast or chicken. I had those mini broccoli trees, carrots, lots of onions, red and green pepper, zucchini, squash … NO CORN and NO RICE or NOODLES.

I used something that looked like noodles but was much healthier …

Kelp Noodles: These are a sea vegetable in the form of an easy to eat raw noodle. Kelp Noodles are fat-free, gluten-free and very low in carbohydrates and calories. They are tasteless, but take on the flavor of whatever you cook and season with.

These noodles contain lots of iodine — one of the things Dr. Gerson says our body is low on.

These have been a God-send… I’ve never craved for rice or noodles since discovering these kelp noodles.

Another juice recommended by Gerson is the Carrot and apple.

In the beginning, I was only able to tolerate a little apple … Carrots are also sweet too. You’ll need to check your glucose level to see how well you tolerate it.

Here’s a Frequently Asked Questions page on the Gerson’s website – I suggest you read it.

It took me longer to figure all of this stuff out … in the beginning, I was mixing and juicing all types of stuff together.

It was until after I went through and understood Dr. Gerson’s treatment, did I understand the importance of sticking to his recipe.

There are all types of recipes online claiming to cure diabetes — but most are not backed by research.

They tell you to mix all types of stuff together and it was only after I started following his regiment to the tee, that I started to see my blood sugars drop.

One thing to stay away from as it relates to juicing is ‘spinach’.

If you look online, you’ll see a bunch of other guys mixing spinach in their juices … this is a no-no with the Gerson method.

According to Dr. Gerson, spinach has oxalic acid in its raw form, which inhibits the absorption of some necessary nutrients into the cells. Cooked spinach is fine to eat though, as heat destroys the oxalic acid.

If you go through all of the links above, I think you’ll be ahead of most folks and you’ll certainly know a lot more than I did when I first started out.

 My Daily Routine

On average, I drank 2-3 green juices and 1 carrot/apple juice each day (these were big glasses).

In addition, I always had a big batch of stir-fry tucked away in the fridge and I snacked on that throughout the day to keep me from wanting to eat junk food.

For dinner, I always made sure to eat a decent meal… It was my way of rewarding myself for doing right through the day.

I started buying whole fish from the international farmers market … big whole fish like red snapper, sea bass, and other varieties.

I stuffed them full of veggies (zucchinis, squash, lemons, thymes, and all kinds of stuff inside and out). Once that fish came out of that oven we tore into it … even the kids enjoyed it.

We’d plop the pan right on the counter and all pick it apart from there … very seldom did we make it to the table.

Those were good times … I think I’ll do it tomorrow night!

I totally eliminated breads, processed foods, rice/noodles and junk …

I did reward myself on Friday or Saturday and kind of ate what I want within reason.

In the beginning, if I craved a piece of chocolate, I did permit myself to have a piece … I did it because I didn’t want to fall off the wagon by going cold turkey.

As the weeks went by, I craved the junk food less and less.

Within 3-months of being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes … They took me off my meds and told me to continue doing what I’m doing…

I went from an Hemoglobin A1C count over 11, down to a 7 within 3-months (the felt that number was even lower because a full 90-days hadn’t passed by … but when I went back, I was down in the 5 percentage area).

Simply amazing if I say so myself!

Maintaining your health and eating right is hard work … as I mentioned, for the new year (2015), I’m going raw …

It just ain’t worth dying over some food.

The most challenging time I had was finding other like-minded people who lived this lifestyle.

It would have been so much easier to learn different recipes and talk about my challenges with others. There were days I wanted to quit this routine — it was just too hard.

Going raw will also be a challenge too … I’ve already started and I’m feeling great already.

It’s my goal to get totally off my blood pressure medication by the end of 2015 and lose a bunch of weight and get down to my 190 pound goal.

I’d like you to join my support group

I’ve already started writing out the first physical and printed newsletter all set to go out right before the January 1st new year… In that newsletter will be tons of tips, tricks and strategies to help us stay the course.

I’ll have recipes for juicing, making smoothies and healthy foods to eat so we can all attain our goal of healing ourselves and our loved ones… I’ll also be doing interviews with others who’ve had major successes along the way.

We’ll get tips for growing our own food in our backyard or even in big 5-gallon buckets for those of us without a yard.

I’ll also setup a private Facebook group so we can all share and exchange tips, recipes and ideas.

There’s so much technology out there to help us get fit and stay fit and I’d certainly like to learn from others who are seeing progress.

It’s not my desire to get rich from this newsletter … so I’m making it extremely affordable.

Just $9.95 per month + $1.95 to cover shipping and handling of the monthly printed newsletter to your mailbox.

Right now … I get so much e-mail in my inbox it’s hard to keep up. I get distracted so easily with all the clutter.

I find it so refreshing to just sit down in my chair and read the few newsletters I subscribe too … I’m taking this offline because I want you to actually get and read this thing every month.

In addition to healthy chatter … we’ll also talk about some ways to bring in additional streams of income into your household.

As I mentioned earlier … being my own boss is what allowed me the flexibility and freedom to be home to prepare my juices.

As you’re about to find out, it takes time to prep this stuff each day … in the newsletter, I’ll discuss some options that’ll make juicing much more enjoyable…

This is a lifestyle change … Not a quick-weight loss plan that you’ll gain back in 90 days.

We’re talking about changing our lifestyle so we can live much longer and be around to enjoy our loved ones as healthy as we can be.

If you’re interested in getting this newsletter, simply click here to sign-up.

Feel free to leave your comments and questions below!


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