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Ready to Fund Your Best Life Doing What You Love Most?

*I'm going to crash-course you on how you can get started and make this work immediately. I won't keep this page up long. I'd encourage you to implement the stuff I'm sharing immediately. Don't wait. Don't delay. Don't overthink. Apply it and see what happens. You'll be amazed at how quickly this works if you start!

Starting a business can appear very challenging and difficult to start. But in reality, it can be a fun and exciting venture. Especially if the business is built around something you already enjoy doing (think hobbies, skill-sets you possess, specialized knowledge, passions and/or interests).

When I started my first business over 20+ years ago, I was looking for freedom and independence. I wanted to call my own shots and have some flexibility to do the things I wanted. Plus, with my wife and I having 5 children, it was highly unlikely I'd find a traditional 9-5 job that would give our family of 7 the flexibility and the type of lifestyle we wanted.

I'm not going to drag this out with fancy introductions and accomplishments (I'll do that later, lol...), but for now, we're gonna hop right into the strategies I've used to build successful online businesses for myself and others over the last 20+ years. 


  1. IDENTIFY A TOPIC OF INTEREST (so many options to choose from with this one)
  2. BUILD A FOLLOWING (this is much easier than you think)
  3. SELL & PITCH STUFF (It's easy to make your own digital assets (courses, ebooks, coaching programs, etc))

Let's break each one of these down... Once you understand how this work, you can duplicate it over and over.


What are you into? What are you passionate about? What do you enjoy doing? What are you interested in learning? These could be hobbies or topics you're already into or familiar with. They could be about anything: traveling, living abroad, raising chickens in your backyard, gardening, surfing, casting demons out of people, etc... Whatever it is, you simply need to identify it.  

Here's a great example...

My neighbor in Florida raised her own chickens in her backyard. She taught herself everything by reading books, watching videos on youtube, and by meeting with others who raised their own chickens.

Now that she has experience and an interest in 'raising chickens in your backyard', she could literally build a business around something she's already doing and enjoy. In the screenshot below, I've included a screenshot of a lady who made a very simple video giving people the basics to raising their own chickens. If you see the video, it's nothing fancy and it's primarily photos and graphics.

Over 3.5 million people have watched it. 

Identify a Topic:

Others Are Also Interested in Your Topic ...

As I've mentioned previously, no topic is off limit. There are millions of people around the world that share the same interests you have. And further down the page, I'll show you how to find them. But for now, just believe me when I say other people are waiting to hear and learn from your experiences.

Here's another quick example; and I've shared my story before.

I'm currently living in Mexico. I've been here for 3-years now and the primary reason for leaving the U.S. was so I could cut my living expenses by 50% (without sacrificing my quality of life). I needed to reduce my expenses so I could play catch-up on my finances. You see, I had no savings, no investments, no 401k, and no retirement. I saw the writing on the wall and realized I needed to do something quick so I won't find myself relying on the government, or living with and being a burden on my adult children.

So we moved so we could cut expenses and get very strategic and aggressive on our savings and investing for the next 10-years... 

As I shared that message online, thousands of other people resonated with our story because they too were not ready for retirement. Many others who already retired were struggling to get by, and lost their independence and could not afford to live comfortably on their retirement income.

When they saw our videos, they started to understand there was another way... As a result, thousands of people and families have started traveling to see what options they had in other countries where their money stretched further.

As a result, 'Move Abroad and Thrive' was birthed out of my sharing my interests with others.

So what are your interests? Write it down now and let's go to the next step.

2. build a following (tribe)

Once you've identified an interest, the next step is to start building a tribe or a following of people. In simple terms, a tribe or following is a group of people that share your similar interests on a particular topic or subject matter. If you get this part right, and it's easy to do, it'll be a game-changer for everything you do.

The simplest way to immediately start building a tribe or following, is to put content out into the marketplace. When people hear the word content, they get overwhelmed and start to think way too much into things.

Content is very simple. I'll prove it.

For example, if you're already raising chickens in your backyard, then the only thing you have to do now is simply share what you're already doing. You don't have to go out and create new content. You're already doing the thing. Just show what you're already doing. That's it. That's content!

If you're on some type of specialized eating regiment (keto, vegetarian, pescatarian, or whatever), just show and and share the meals you're already eating. When you prep your food, talk about it. When you go shopping for more stuff, share it and explain why you buy this type of thing versus the other thing. Share it all ... You don't have to create something new. Show them what you're already doing.

For my Move Abroad and Thrive channel, I share it all. 

When I go to the dentist, I highlight and talk about it. My life is content. Your life is content. When I go to the grocery store, I take out my phone and show others the grocery store here in Mexico. When I drive through the beach towns here, I record and share what I'm seeing.

Creating content is that simple and it's this type of content that will start to draw your tribe to you... They're already online searching and looking for topics like the one you're sharing. Your job is to show up in the search engines and on YouTube when they search for the stuff you're already doing and sharing.

Remember. You don't have to go create stuff. If you're already making delicious and healthy smoothies every morning, simply pull out your cell phone and record yourself making the smoothie, and explain what you're already doing. Show the routine you follow. It's really this simple ya'll. 

Here's Where to Post and Share Your 'Content'

I'm a video guy and I love making videos. I realize not everyone like getting in front of a camera, and that's fine. While I believe it's the fastest way to get going, it's not the only way. So in this primer, I'm going to share my favorite (video), along with a variety of other options for sharing and getting your content out. 

My favorite platform for sharing content is YouTube. What many people don't realize is that YouTube is the world's 2nd largest search engine on Planet Earth. When people can't find what they're searching for on Google, they'll typically turn to YouTube (and oftentimes, YouTube is the first place many people turn to when they wish to learn something).

Check out these other stats you should be aware of concerning YouTube:

  • As of this year, YouTube videos now appear on Google's search engine results pages for over 791.3 million search queries in the United States alone.
  • YouTube is the 2nd most visited website in the world, according to SEM Rush
  • Global viewers collectively watch an average of 1-billion hours of YouTube content per day on their TVs

It's to your advantage to get in front of your 'tribe' by sharing and posting content where they're at. If you post your content, and the things that interest you onto YouTube, you increase the likelihood of people that share your interests bumping into your content.

For example, when someone goes to YouTube and do a search for 'Move Abroad', my content appears. In fact, I have about 5 pieces of content that appears on the page when someone types in 'Move Abroad'.

Take a look at the graphic below. This is what I mean when I say, post your content where people are already searching. 

Move Abroad

Your Tribe is Looking for You - You Don't Have to Go Find Them:

You just need to have content posted so they 'bump into it' while they're looking and doing their research. You don't have to go find these people, they're already looking for you. If you're honest, authentic and you're sharing valuable and useful content, the people who bump into you will start to subscribe and follow you. This is the beginning of building your tribe.

It's FREE to setup a YouTube channel and you can get started right away. As you start to build and grow your channel/subscribers, you can eventually get your channel monetized (meaning Google will pay you and share in the ad revenue generated from the videos you create). To date, I've received over $100,000 US dollars from Google's ad sharing revenue deposited into my bank account.

What's shocking to most is that this is peanuts; because the bulk of my income is earned from the other revenue sharing models I'll be sharing with you ... It took years to collect on these $100,000 from Google ... You don't have to wait that long when you implement the other income producing models I'll be sharing.

Podcasting is Another Way to Get Your Content Out

Many people don't like being in front of a camera, and if that's you, then you should consider setting up a podcast. In the simplest of terms, a podcast is a series of recorded audio episodes. It's like being on the radio, but on-demand, and users will typically listen to these podcasts on their iPhone, Android, or other mobile devices.

Just like YouTube is a platform for hosting videos, there are 'podcast directories' where you can submit your podcast, and listeners also search these directories to seek out the 'topics' or 'content' they want to listen to. 

Here are examples of some of these directories:

  • Apple Podcasts
  • Spotify
  • Stitcher
  • PodBean
  • SoundCloud

So if you don't like making videos, and you love running your mouth, this is another way to get your content out to the masses.  If people like your stuff, they'll subscribe and each time you upload new pieces of content, they'll be notified.

Blogging is a Way to Get Your Content Out

If you love to write, blogging is a great alternative. A blog (also called 'weblog') is a website where the 'writer or 'blogger'' posts and share content that provides information, personal opinions, how-to content, and/or news. Blogs are created by people known as bloggers who typically post blogs with views on topics they're interested in.

Although my platform of choice is YouTube, I also live to write... And I take the time to write and post to the blog on my Move Abroad and Thrive website. Having content in multiple places help me get found by people with similar interests.

With blogging, your posts will typically get indexed and discovered in search engines like Google, Bing, Ask, Yahoo Search, etc.

In the screen shot below, I wrote a blog post about finding 'cheap houses in Mexico'... Google indexed it in their search engine and when people search for phrases related to cheap homes in Mexico, it brings my 'blog post' up:


If you do a great job writing and sharing valuable information inside your blog post, people will subscribe and follow you. It's a great way to build a following and to get found on the Internet.

With blogging, you don't have to go find people. People are already in the search engines typing in keyword phrases to find what they're searching for.  If your content is there, you increase the chances of them finding you.

Now, nothing is as clear cut and simple as what I'm describing. If you choose the blogging route, keep in mind this can take time. This is not a sprint, but a marathon. There are basic skills you must learn to become good at blogging. There are things you must do in order to optimize your website (to make it search engine friendly so your content is easily found when some one does a Google search).

3. sell and pitch your stuff

So here's the big trick that make all of this work... Most people with a platform online don't do this, and it's the primary reason they don't earn a living doing the thing the love most.

So here's the secret sauce ... You must figure out how to get your tribe of fans into your personal database so you can interact with them at will. Something most people don't know is that when you release new content onto platforms like YouTube, Facebook, IG, LinkedIn, etc..., not everyone will see your new content.

These platforms determine who and how many of your subscribers will see your stuff. It's a very small percentage. So the thing you want to do is get your fans off of the platform, and get them onto your website so you can get them into your database. When they're in your database, you can contact them and share content with them anytime you like. You're in total control.

The other thing people don't talk about is how these platforms can shut you down without warning, and censure what you send out. In other words, if they don't like what you're talking about, they can shut you down and instantly ban you. An account I've had for many years was shut down without warning. All of my contacts gone immediately.

The best way to get these fans off the platform is to offer them some type of bribe... Yep... I bribed you all to get access to the primer you're currently going through. So as you can see, it works.

You'll need to create something that has a high-perceived value, and give it away... In my videos, you'll often hear me say stuff at the end of the video.... I'll say something like ... "I have a free 8-step checklist on my website that'll show you how to do this, or that, or blah, blah, blah...It's FREE. Go to and download it now ... The link is also in the description." 

The goal is to create something the audience would perceive as valuable, and have them to go the website to get it. And in order to get it, they must leave me their first name and e-mail address. Once they do that, the software on my website will instantly email it to them and now I have their contact details and they are now in my database.

That's part of the secret sauce... Once I have these contacts, I can continue to send them valuable information (the key is that it must be valuable or it won't work). As I continue to send them value, they'll start to know me, like me and trust me. And at some point during this marketing process, I'm able to introduce them to my products and services.

On my Move Abroad and Thrive website (and at the end of my videos), I'm always telling folks they could book a consultation, or that they could sign-up for our VIP or our Move Abroad Academy. I deliver value and then I make a soft pitch... But in order to make a pitch, you must have something to sell.

Creating Digital Assets You Can Easily Sell for Extreme Profits

I'm gonna touch on just a few of the popular options most people can start with immediately. 

Telephone Consultations:

My favorite one is the telephone consultation. If you have fans and subscribers already following you, this is the quickest way to monetize your website or channel. If the content you're putting out their is of value, your fans would be happy to speak with you. Oftentimes, they have questions and/or want clarity on things you've previously spoke about.

Give your subscribers/fans the opportunity to speak with you... In order to get them to sign-up, you must tell them you offer telephone consultations. You don't even have to sell it... Just tell them.

Here's an example of what I typically say near the end of a video (after I've delivered them incredible value in the video):

"Soooo... If you got questions about moving abroad, or if you're in the planning stages and need feedback, lets hop on a phone call (or Zoom) to discuss. I know it's hard to get family and friends to understand this journey you're about to embark on, but don't let them get in your head. Let's talk. Go to my website and book a consultation and we'll get you scheduled right away."

It's really this easy ... I don't even really have to sell it. I charge $75 for a 30-minute call, and I charge $150 for a 1-hour call. I usually book about 20 of these per month and these calls typically lead to other purchases (my courses, relocation packages, VIP memberships, etc...).

E-books are Really Popular and Easy to Create:

An ebook was the first digital asset I ever created. It was super fun, simple and easy. I took a Word document and typed out everything I wanted to say over the course of a weekend. I then converted that Word document into a PDF file and that was my first ebook.

My first ebook sold for $17 bucks, and over time I continued to add to it and I eventually got to a point where I sold the ebook for $27, then $37, then $57, $77, $97 and eventually $157.

Ebooks are still very popular and they're the easiest digital asset to create. Nowadays, you could simply come up with an outline, and then type out everything, and then you could get someone to make it super fancy with graphics for pretty cheap.

I paid someone less than $50 bucks to create these graphics for an ebook/course we put together for a client. Adding graphics create a higher perceived value for your ebook, which allows you to charge more money. I'll teach you how to do all of this!

Online Courses Can Make You Rich:

I like online courses because they're super easy to create; especially if you initially started out with an ebook.

I took my $57 ebook and converted it into a video course. Video has a higher perceived value than an ebook, so I took the content from the ebook and made videos out of it. I then sold that the same content that was in the ebook as an 'online video course' and charged $379 for it...

Most of my course videos inside the members only area looked like the following:

These types of videos are super easy to create and take no time ... Oftentimes, people don't like to be in front of the camera and that's fine too... You can make online presentations and show your face in the corner, or not ... See below for an example of this (90% of my course videos consist of this...

Again, these types of videos are super easy to create and take no time ... 

These are my favorite to create because I can use the slides to teach with and keep me on track (I tend to ramble off topic a lot). You can keep a small video clip of yourself in the frame, or you can do it without the video clip.`

Live Group Coaching is a Quick Way to Create a Digital Asset and It's Lucrative

This model is pretty simple and straightforward. It can be put together in a couple of days, and you can earn a lot of money very fast. 

You come up with a curriculum you wish to teach (a fancy way of saying an outline you'll teach from). Once or twice a month you'll host a LIVE zoom training where you'll teach one subject from your curriculum. This live training can last anywhere from 30-60 minutes, or you can go for as long as you want. 

At the end of the training, you open up the platform so the attendees can ask questions and get clarification or help directly from you. These are great because it's live and interactive. Programs like these can easily be sold for a few hundred dollars per month. I currently have a client that charges $300/month and he meets up twice a month for an hour (30-minutes of teaching and 30-minutes of answering questions). 

You don't need to sell a lot of these to earn good money. 10-students paying $300 per month puts $3,000 in your pocket right away ($36,000 per year).

There are variations of this model that can be implemented, but this is the simplest to explain.

Just Pick a Model and Run With It.

Making money online is pretty easy when you put all of the pieces together... Identify a topic of interest. Build a tribe by creating and sharing content. Create a digital asset that you can pitch and sell to your tribe.

That's it... It's not rocket science. You just have to implement and go for it.

Are You Ready to Build an Online Business That Funds Your Best Life?

*I got 2 options for you ... 

Option #1 is expensive as heck, but you'll walk away with a business model that's completely built out and ready to start earning you money right away (plus you'll get a vacation out of it too, when you join me in Mexico for 5-days and work with me personally)... 

Option #2 is affordable and you can get started next week (and you'll still get some one-on-one guidance) 

*This training won't be up long as we prepare for our first LIVE training. Everything taught in this video only works if you implement. Don't just consume the content, but act on it. Time is your friend if you put it all into action today!