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There's a Course Inside of You

I see it everyday when I'm out ... I meet what I'd consider average, everyday-regular people, and I'm in awe of what they know!

Just the other day, while eating at a local restaurant, I ran into this lady painting kids' faces with make-up. I was amazed at the number of kids running to get in line.

Parents ran up to get pictures of their children; while packs of teens took selfies of their new face-artwork.

Even my 18-year old at the time got excited & got her grill painted too, lol

Upon talking to this lady, I was shocked to find out how many drunk and sober adults stumble to her in order to get their favorite sports team colors painted on their faces while watching the game in a local bar and pub.

I instantly thought WOW ... This is a course!!!

I wonder how many others would like to learn this skill? I've met quite a few so-called make up artists who aren't making money from their skills at all, and here's a woman earning a profitable living.

But yet, they go to work and punch a clock at a job they absolutely hate.

This could be their way out ...

I've seen photos of this lady at local birthday parties and these kids pounce on her the moment she walks through the door.  From what I gather, this is BIG business for her and it's serious business too.

Do you understand what I mean when I say, 'everyone has a course inside of them?'

There is zero doubt in my mind, that if she created a course that teaches other people how to make money doing make-up at birthday parties, local events and restaurants, she could easily crack a six-figure yearly income from this.

I've done enough of these to figure out how much one could reasonably earn.

Inside of 2-4 years, she could gross over a million dollars from this course. There's so much knowledge and wisdom inside her that she could command that type of money.

Like most people, she likely takes for granted what she knows.

So what exactly is a course? And how could she package up what she knows to become a 6-7 figure earner?

I'm glad you asked ... Let's break it down!

The dictionary defines a 'course' as a series of lectures, discussions, or other lessons in a particular subject matter. A useful piece of practical wisdom acquired by experience or study.

Since this lady has experience and wisdom in running a face painting or entertainment business, she can impart her knowledge to others via a variety of formats conducive for learning (I'll share a few below).

eBooks (digital books)

For example, she could share her knowledge by typing out everything she knows in a document file (think Microsoft Word). When she's finished, it can be converted it into a pdf file with a fancy cover title and image on the front, and sold as an eBook.

That same eBook (watered down) could be converted into a Kindle book and put on Amazon's platform for free, where she gets access to hundreds of millions of users, all with their credit-cards already stored on Amazon's database.

And with users already on standby with 'one-click buy buttons' at their finger tips, they could easily buy her book immediately (Amazon will even promote her eBook for free, not many people know that).

Online Course

She could also package up her knowledge inside of an online course. With an online course, she can choose to teach her knowledge in front of a video camera where she teaches her process. 

She can also do this with audio if she doesn't like being in front of a camera; or she could type out the content (or do a combination of all three if she prefers).

All of this content (the video, text and audio) is then stored on the website (usually password protected). When someone wants to learn what she knows, they'd have to pay to access the content (this all happens automatically).

Once they pay, a username and password is typically created and automatically sent to the customer via e-mail. The buyer/student can now login to access the content they paid for.

Membership Websites

This is the same as an 'Online Course'. The biggest difference is content is typically added or released on a regular basis, and the member typically pays a monthly, quarterly or yearly fee to access the content.

Once payment is stopped, they usually no longer get access to the membership site or the community.

There are many other formats she can package her knowledge in, but I won't get into all of the other formats right now. The important thing to know is the content she has can easily be packaged up and sold.

For the people interested in learning how to make money from this face painting gig, she has a lot of value and lots to teach.

For example, these could be some of the topics people would pay to access:

  • How to get gigs at restaurants
  • How to get hired for birthday parties
  • How much to charge for birthdays
  • Buying the right type of insurance
  • What type of equipment & supplies to buy
  • What type of brushes to use
  • How to market my face painting business
  • Doing local festivals and shows
  • How to tap into corporate & promotional events
  • How to name your new face painting business
  • Recommended vendors for supplies
  • How to become the #1 entertainer in your area

Now tell me ... If you wanted to get into the face painting business, wouldn't you pay to get access to this type of content from someone whose actually in the business and earning a full-time living from it?

But here's where things get very interesting ...

The following information below lays out how this becomes a million dollar business.

Quite honestly, most folks would stop here and be extremely happy with the income brought in from the course so far ... 

But there's soooo many other ways this lady could capitalize from her knowledge.

Every single person who purchased her ebook or her online course becomes a solid candidate for coaching. Yep, when a new person is brand new and they are excited to learn, they often want a little extra hand holding.

Sometimes, a person just wanna hop on the phone and get a little more help on specifics. Especially after they book a new job .. Now they have a million what-if questions popping in their mind.

They don't wanna screw things up, so guess what... This face-painting lady could easily charge a $95 fee to talk on the telephone for 30-45 minutes.

And guess what ... Many of her students would gladly pay it. 

Folks wanna shortcut their learning curve, and now that they see her as the expert. And they're willing to spend a few dollars to expedite their success with the least amount of problems.

She could also come up with a physical package for teaching newbies; which also includes all of the face painting brushes, accessories, contracts, agreements, costumes, and perhaps even host a 2 day training for newbies and easily charge $3,500 - $5,000 for the entire 'business in  a box'.

10 students equal $35,000 - $50,000.

At this class, the newbies will get a crash-course in face painting 101 ... She could help them come up with a name and help them develop a signature style and look for themselves.

By the time they leave, they go away with a bunch of supplies they already know how to use, a quick-start business and marketing plan to hit the ground running, and their own signature look and name.

Once these folks go through her class, she could continue hosting quarterly classes (for a fee) to get them from beginner to intermediate to expert face painter.

As you can see, the money here runs deep. And that's for something as simple as face painting!

Does that make sense to you???

Do you see how we could take something so simple and build an elaborate business model around?

The world of education is changing ...

People want to learn very specific skills. They don't want to spend 4 years in college. And with online learning growing, they can learn skills in hours, days, weeks and/or months.

And be earning money from their new skill in a matter of days or weeks...

What Do You Have Inside of You?

Life is a course ... I believe EVERYONE has a course inside of them. As I previously mentioned, we all take for granted the things we know.

When I visited my cousin Norma in Detroit, I recorded her talking about her garden from my cell phone. She was showing me all of the stuff she planted out back.

I shared that short video clip on Facebook and folks went crazy ...

They wanted to know her secrets. They wanted to know how she managed to get all of those veggies growing like they were.

Almost a year later, she still gets inundated with questions and requests about that garden. To Norma, it's just a regular days work tending to her garden.

But to other people, all from different parts of the U.S., they wanted the same results cousin Norma was getting in her backyard.

As you can see, Cousin Norma has a course inside of her.

What do you know? What do you like to talk about? What are some of your favorite hobbies? What are some of your favorite places outside of the U.S. that you've visited?

Your perspective could mean a lot to others when packaged up properly.

I've been taking care of my family of seven with this business model for many years. It was this business model that allowed us to travel and live abroad for 7-months last year (and part of this year).

This same business model will allow us to go out for 2 years this summer.

Are You Ready to Cash in From Your Intellectual Knowledge?

This is likely the least expensive way for you to get involved with your own business. There's no overhead, no inventory, no supplies, and you can do this from home.

The face painter has no idea she has millions of dollars worth of intellectual property inside of her. To me, I see it clear as day ...

I've been doing this for years and I can help you take what you know and turn it into a course that pays you for many years to come.

I take pride in my ability to make difficult topics very easy to understand.

Let me help you map out your first course...

To start building out your course, you must first identify the course you want to create and teach. I meet a lot of people who are unsure of the talents/knowledge they possess. They question if it's good enough, or if it's something others wish too learn.

I can help you identify the course that's waiting to be birthed out of you. If you're interested, I take you through a DEEP-DIVE interview.

DEEP-DIVE is where I jump deep in your head and press you hard for 1-2 hours straight about your goals, ideas, background, experience, talents, hobbies and knowledge.

I press you about the vision you have for your business and why you wish to start. We'll break down who you're targeting and determine if there really is a market for what you're wanting to package. 

We'll identify who your competitors are, what they do well, and what you can do better. We'll try and identify a weakness that can be exploited from your competitors so you can use it to your advantage.

We'll identify who your customers are, where they hang out at, how to get your course in front of them, and how to get them to buy. 

This is DEEP-DIVE! At the end of all of that pressing and digging, I'll write up a 2-4 page brief which outlines your opportunities in the business, along with a step-by-step plan of action for you to follow to start building out a course for maximum growth.

Please realize this is NOT for everyone... Deep dive is for those who are not sitting on the fence wondering if this is for them. This is for those who are ready to start and are looking for a blueprint to get them going with the least amount of errors.

If you've already started, this will allow you to get a deep perspective from my vantage point on things that can be done to improve and move your course business forward, and much faster. So if you're stuck right now, this will help you immensely. 

Think of this as a coaching call where you can get the advice you need to propel your course business forward. 

You can sign-up for DEEP-DIVE for just $777 today. 

*After you purchase, my project manager will follow-up with you to schedule a time that works for both you and I. Make sure to leave a good phone number and e-mail address so you can be reached.

Only 3-spots left for the month!
(Don't delay your course - start now)

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