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How to Make a Course in a Day or Two.

Create your own ebooks, live trainings, group coaching & online courses.

WELCOME ... Online courses are BIG and can change the quality of your life. 

Whatever your hobbies and interests are, it can all be packaged into a course and turned into a business model that can fund your best life.

I'm laying out the blueprint I use to build courses for myself; and it's the same formula others have paid me in excess of $50,000 to create for them.

The training you're about to watch was created when I was challenged to put together an entire course in one day. I find people take too much time putting a course together, and as a result, they typically never finish it. That's sad because many of these folks had the makings for a great course.

Everything you're about to see did not exist until the moment I got out of my car in the following video clip below.


The first 3 clips you're about to see below are only about 2-minutes each. Please watch all 3, otherwise, some of the stuff in the main training (4th video) won't make too much sense. Don't skip any of it ... It's all very important to your success and understanding!

Watch in Order


In the 2-minute clip below, you'll see my pitch to sign-up for my FREE training on how to create a course (this is what we'd call a 'lead magnet' ... we offer something of value to get people to give us their name and email address). You'll create this for your course too ... this would traditionally go on the front page of your website to get leads for your course/training). I cover this in more detail in the training so you can properly create something like this for your course/training too.

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Remember, when I got out the car, this course did not exist. I was creating it the moment I got out. As I went into my office, I decided to show you my 'studio setup'. I pulled out my cell and recorded it below. I want you to see how simple and inexpensive my setup is. This is what I use to make videos for all my courses. Nothing fancy and you can do this from home.

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To create a successful course in a day or two, you must do a brain dump, and lay out all of your knowledge into a structured outline. From the time I got out of the car, it took me a little over an hour to write out this outline. In the training video I'll be doing in video #4, I'm using the outline I wrote in this video to teach from (this is the 8-Step Framework I created during this hour). I'll show you how to do this brain dump in the next video so you can get your course outlined in under an hour or two. This will also be the same outline you use to create your BIG main course, coaching program, ebook or live weekly trainings.  

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The MasterClass Training 

In the following training, I show you all of the pieces that must connect together to build your course in record time...

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