You are the best version of yourself … No one else can be like you. In order to make this YouTube thing work, you MUST be yourself.

If you start out trying to be someone other than yourself, it becomes harder and harder to keep up that facade as you grow. You will wear yourself down trying to think, act and be like someone else.

It’s your own personal experiences that people will connect with. And throughout your day, you’re going to have plenty of your own experiences to share.

That’s what makes this business opportunity so great. You’re essentially getting paid to share the life (or challenge), you’re currently living…

Be unapologetically YOURSELF … If you’re about ‘dat ThugLife‘, then be bout it … I bring this up because a lady asked me about that some months ago…

She was like Cartess … ‘I’m tatted up all over the place (has tattoos all over her body), and I like to wear my braids, and I talk ‘hood’… Folks ain’t gonna like me or take me seriously.’

I told her two words … ‘BE YOURSELF’.

It’s that simple. That’s how you’re going to stand out from the crowd. A certain group of people that could never be reached by the likes of me, or you, will be attracted to her ‘ThugLife‘ personality.

If you’re a naturally funny person, be that… If you’re loud and obnoxious, be that…

I often think of Gary Vaynerchuk when I talk about this.

Now that guy is loud … In your face … and is cussing all the time… He drops F-bombs every other second, and yet, he has millions and millions of followers and works with Fortune 100 & 500 companies everyday.

Don’t take my word for it … play the video and see for yourself… This guy is RUTHLESS … But people respond to his authenticity.

In fact, if you’re concerned about what others think of you as you start this venture, watch this video … It’ll be the best 14-minutes of your life.

That video above shows genuine authenticity .. You need to get to a place where you can be yourself and not give a dam what others think.

So … As you start to build your YouTube channel and make videos, just always be your authentic self…

Don’t worry about how fancy your background is … Don’t worry about your fancy setup … Don’t worry if you’re not looking your best …

People want your content … And we’ll talk about content another day, but just put up the videos and go… You will improve as you go.

People will give you feedback in the comments section as you go. They will ask you questions and that will give you stuff to talk about.

If you’re having a bad day, share it. If you’re having a great day, share it.

If you’re going through something, share it.

It’s in these moments that others emotionally connect with you because they will often see themselves in the things you’re going through.

When Oprah Winfrey started sharing stories about her, that’s when her show took off … Go back and look at the trending patterns of her show.

When she started talking about being overweight and her struggles to keep her weight down, her show took off…

She was connecting with her audience on an emotional level. She talked about the stuff others would not dare talk about.

So don’t be afraid to bare yourself to your audience. It’s going to be these things that make you stand out and attract people to you.

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