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Join Our 'Get Unstuck and Do It Now' Challenge 

If you're feeling stuck, uninspired, or don't know how or where to start, then join me on this 'Get Unstuck and Do It Now Challenge' and wake-up each day excited, happy and with purpose. 

Together, we'll build a plan that'll fast-track you toward your goals and dreams in record time! Get super clear on what excites and gives you purpose. Let's create your most amazing life ever!

Jun 5th - Jun 7th

7:00 PM Eastern Time

This is a LIVE 3-Day Virtual Workshop

This is a LIVE online workshop where you'll be able to get your questions answered LIVE! 

Cartess Ross will be online teaching for each of these 3-days & he'll help you: 

  • Get very clear about what makes you happy and fulfilled
  • Identify the things you must focus on in order to get what you want 
  • Prepare for any obstacles so you can move forward with confidence
  • Stay positive and focused while you work towards your dreams & goals
  • Get unstuck so you can finally start living life on your terms
  • Create a strategic plan to get exactly what you really want and need

Over These 3-Day You'll Learn:


Wanna know the simple secret to creating your best life? The secret lies in writing out your goals and mapping out a plan to get there! While the simplicity of this is not overwhelming sexy and fun, it's most definitely effective.

97% of people have no written goals; but clearly defined goals are what give you direction. Goals keep you focused. Goals set boundaries. Goals tell you what to do!

When Day 1 is over, you'll be a part of the elite 3% of people that actually have clearly written and defined goals ... Out of this, we'll pull from you goals to create detailed weekly and monthly action plans to put you on course for achieving your goals in record time. 


Today is an investment toward your future; the choices you make today are literally creating your life. What are you investing in today that'll put you on track toward achieving your goals?

During this session, I'll be sharing how you can birth big changes in your life, almost immediately, by crafting out a 'secret list' that'll put you on the fast-track to success. You'll achieve more in a week than most folks will achieve in a 3-months!

This is a life-changing hack that can bring immediate joy and satisfaction to your life and put you on track towards achieving your goals and dreams in record time.


Negative thoughts can be like a disease ... They eat away at you. They steal your joy. They make you doubt yourself. They make you feel bad. They make you feel 'less than' and they can keep you stuck!

According to a research conducted by the National Science Foundation* around 80% of our thoughts are negative. And it's suggested we can have around 12,000-30,000 thoughts per day; at with 80% of those thoughts being negative, it's no wonder most of us are stuck and depressed and unhappy.

In this training, we're going to jump into how you can take over your thoughts and make them work for you instead of against you. Implementing a few hacks taught in this session can move you towards accomplishing your goals, regardless of what you're seeing in the physical world.

Early Bird Discount: $395 $175
(Price Increases to $395 After the Early Bird Expiration)

Frequently Asked Questions About The Challenge

This is a LIVE training class that will run each day for 3-days starting on June 5th, 6th and 7th (Sunday, Monday and Tuesday). The sessions will start at 7 p.m. and will typically last 90-minutes to 2-hours.

Can I ask questions during the LIVE sessions?

Yes ... At the end of each teaching session, I'll open up the mics to take your questions. The Q&A sessions can last anywhere from 30-minutes to an hour.

Will the training sessions be recorded?

Yes! Each session will be recorded and uploaded to the members only area of the website within 24-hours. You will be able to access the recordings at your leisure.

How long will I have access to the training?

Once you purchase, you'll have access to the videos indefinitely. They'll remained secured in a members only area and you're free to access the training indefinitely. Your access to the material does not go away.

Can I watch this content LIVE on my mobile device?

Yes. You can view the training (and recorded) material directly from mobile devices like iPads, tablets, iPhones, Androids and other portable devices.

What if I can't make the LIVE sessions?

No worries. All sessions will be recorded and uploaded to a secure members only area of the website within 24-hours. You'll be able to login and access the material at your leisure.

Early Bird Discount: $395 $175
(Price Increases to $395 After the Early Bird Expiration)


Cartess Ross

Over the last 20+ years, I've taken care of my family of 7 exclusively from the income I've earned from the Internet. On this website, I'm sharing all I've learned over the years about making money online with the talents and skillsets you already possess. Obviously, I've made mistakes along the way, but it's my goal to help you avoid the common mistakes newbies make when they get started... It's my goal to shortcut your learning curve so you can win faster!