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Exotic Fruits in Medellin Colombia with Amazing Healing Properties for Health and Wellness

I just started back juicing and making smoothies for my health and wellness. I’m blown away by the variety of fruits and vegetables they have available here in Medellin, Colombia; and the costs are amazingly low compared to what we pay for in the United States.

I wanna live to be a very healthy 100 years old… So it’s best to start now before any major issues arise. The exotic fruits in Medellin, Colombia is amazing. Great for smoothies, juicing, cleansing and healing. Tomorrow, I’m going to an Exotic Fruit tour and I can’t wait to see and sample the variety.

In the interim, here’s a video from some of the fruits I’ve managed to pick up from the local market/store … It’s some of the best eating I’ve ever had. I can literally eat on these all day and be completely satisfied (and healthy).

I’ll be posting more videos on the individual healing benefits of the fruits and vegetables found  in #medellin #colombia.

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How I Beat Type 2 Diabetes by Juicing it Away!

Back around March of this year (2014), I was sick like a dog … My entire day consisted of running back and forth to the bathroom to pee.

Even at night, it didn’t stop. I was becoming delirious from the lack of sleep because it seemed like I was getting out of bed to go to the bathroom all night long.

I just never seemed to get enough water … just had to have it non-stop.

The constant eating … I was devouring everything in sight. That non-sense went on for about a week before I finally decided to take my butt to the doctor.

I went to the urgent care center around the corner from my house early in the morning … Once I got there, they did some blood work on me and said my blood sugar was right below the 400 mark … I think around 390 to be exact.

The nurse practitioner looked me straight in the eyes and told me she couldn’t help me and told me to take my butt to the emergency right away … she started telling me that I could die and started feeding me with a bunch of facts about type 2 diabetes.

Stuff like loosing my foot and fingers … She talked about the fact of me going blind and never regaining my eyesight back.

She scared me really bad.