How I Beat Type 2 Diabetes by Juicing it Away!

by Cartess Ross  - December 3, 2014

Back around March of this year (2014), I was sick like a dog … My entire day consisted of running back and forth to the bathroom to pee.

Even at night, it didn’t stop. I was becoming delirious from the lack of sleep because it seemed like I was getting out of bed to go to the bathroom all night long.

I just never seemed to get enough water … just had to have it non-stop.

The constant eating … I was devouring everything in sight. That non-sense went on for about a week before I finally decided to take my butt to the doctor.

I went to the urgent care center around the corner from my house early in the morning … Once I got there, they did some blood work on me and said my blood sugar was right below the 400 mark … I think around 390 to be exact.

The nurse practitioner looked me straight in the eyes and told me she couldn’t help me and told me to take my butt to the emergency right away … she started telling me that I could die and started feeding me with a bunch of facts about type 2 diabetes.

Stuff like loosing my foot and fingers … She talked about the fact of me going blind and never regaining my eyesight back.

She scared me really bad.

I immediately went home and started documenting all the websites I had up online, along with usernames and passwords and instructions on how to do this and that … just in case I didn’t make it.

I really thought I was at death’s door.

I started pulling out the life insurance paperwork, bank accounts and everything.

That took a few hours to put together and after I finished that, I went to the emergency room.

I walked in and told them my blood sugar was around 400 based on the readings from the Urgent Care center and they immediately checked me in and ran their own labs … and sure enough, my blood sugar was way up.

They immediately hooked me up to some IVs and started pushing meds through there to get my blood sugar down.

I eventually left with my blood sugar down to about the 280 range.

The only disturbing thing about that visit is the fact that they never really shared much information with me.

Other than telling me my blood sugar level came down some, they simply handed me a few sheets of paper stapled together that discussed what type 2 diabetes was all about.

Sent me home with some medication and told me to follow-up with my doctor.

Needless to say, I went home and did a ton of research and bought a bunch of books on type two diabetes.

I quickly discovered that juicing might be a way for me to get rid of this thing altogether.

In the end, I went out and purchased myself a juicer and I started a diet consisting primarily of green juices and lots of stir fry vegetables and fish….

At the end of 3-months, my blood sugar got to the point where it was dropping so low that I could barely stand-up and walk… Almost to the point of literally passing out.

In the end, my doctors ended up taking me off of the medicines and insulin they prescribed.

All within 3-months.

To date … I’m able to eat anything I want, however, I choose to eat a healthy diet, although I do splurge from time to time.

I even enjoy candy, snacks and cakes … but I still watch how much I eat and what I eat with it.

I still have an issue with high blood pressure, but as of now, December 2014, I’m making the decision to move towards a ‘raw-eating’ lifestyle.

It just ain’t worth dying early because I want to eat unhealthy foods… I’ve seen what juicing has done for me personally and I can only imagine how much better I’ll feel by transitioning to a raw diet.

If you’d like to get the juicing recipe I used to beat type 2 diabetes … and if you’re interested in following along on my new raw lifestyle diet … leave your first name and e-mail address below.

Perhaps I can encourage you to change your eating to accommodate a more healthy lifestyle so we can live forever.

I don’t know about you … but I have 5 children, 4 girls and 1 boy, and I want to be around to see them grow up. I want to be around to have grandchildren and be healthy and fit to enjoy them.

And please know this is not just about diabetes… If you want to lose weight or rid your body of a particular illness or ailment, you owe it to yourself to look into the various options available to repair and heal your body … or that of a loved one!

So get on-board and follow along…

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  • Hey Cartess Ross,

    Thank you for some valuable information. Please send me your recipe i need too change my eating habits as well. Thank you again.

    P.S. This is why i said in a previous email to you that i am grateful to know you through email as a mentor in the t shirt business. Much love in His Name.

    • hi Mark,

      Thanks for commenting… I’m on my way to the health food store now to pick up a small inventory of items and will be testing some new recipes. I’ll certainly be sharing them here and I’ll be posting my juicing regiments freely online as well.

  • Good thing you got scared and went to the ER. A friend’s wife didn’t listen and lost both legs (first it was one foot) and is now in a wheel chair and is in the hospital off and on because she didn’t take care of her diabetes. If she wanted cheese burgers and fries, shakes and any fast food, her husband bought it for her because she was unbearable to live with if he didn’t bring home what she wanted. I don’t have diabetes but I do have low blood pressure. Have always had low blood pressure. If I don’t eat properly, I won’t be able to get up out of bed. My husband has dementia and eats everything. There has been a few times when my husband ate us out of food and I didn’t eat for 2 days and on the third day my daughter couldn’t wake me up. It was scary, so now I hide food and dibby up the food in portions for each person. Then my daughter and I hide our portion. I have to put a little refrigerator in the garage because he goes through our refrigerator with a fine tooth comb and eats everything.

    You have to pay for your health, either at the doctor’s or at the grocery store. I choose the grocery store. You only have one body, one life on this earth. You are your best friend, take care of your best friend do everything for him and you two can enjoy the earth and all it’s wonders! Life is not all about money however, our society makes it so you can’t live without it. The more, the better the life. It helps to stop and smell the roses, help someone take a step up, be kind and give love and compassion to all things living on this planet. Your rewards are numerous. Your children will remember you for your kindness and learn from your consideration. Be all you can be to others, God’s work must truly be our own!

    You have given me hope. You have shown me there are others who care to help me. Whether it be for monetary rewards or not, your reward is my trust in you. The more you have on your side, the higher you will go.

    Happy Holidays!


    • Hi Isabelle. Thank you for sharing. You made a great point in your comment when you said…

      “You have to pay for your health, either at the doctor’s office, or at the grocery store.”

      And you’re right… Far cheaper to spend more at that grocery store versus going blind or losing a foot or finger.

      This poison we call food is killing us and only we have the power and decision to change it.

      I’m done and finally making a total lifestyle change…Being around to enjoy a quality life and enjoy watching my children grow up is far more desirable than ‘poison’.

  • Hi Cartess,
    Congratulations on taking the necessary steps to regain your health.
    Dr. Fuhrman is featured in the movie “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” and he has a wonderfully inspiring and book titled “Eat to Live.” You should check it out!
    Happy Holidays and congratulations again!
    Kind Regards,

    • Adding the book to my wishlist now and will order during my next book shopping spree on Amazon (which will likely happen this weekend, lol).

      Thanks for the well wishes and I too, wish you an enjoyable and merry Christmas! Thanks for taking the time to post here.

  • Cartess,
    It’s a shame that you had to find out the hard way that our eating habits are what’s killing so many Americans.
    I’ve been on a raw diet and juicing for about 4 years now and I really feel great. I’m 64 and take NO medications.
    Before I started the raw food diet the doctor had me on acid reflux meds, cholesterol meds, and wanted to put me on blood sugar meds to keep me from becoming a diabetic. All these meds were going to have me have to take more meds to counter react the damage that those meds were doing to my body. He even said that my cholesterol would never get any better than what it was.
    After a couple of years, following my doctor’s advice things did not change. My food was not digesting right because of the reflux meds and my cholesterol came down but I hardly had any good cholesterol. It was at 25 and he told me that I would never see it at 40 or better ever again and wanted to try me out on another cholesterol drug (does even more damage to your liver).
    That’s when I started looking at eating the raw food diet. Get away from all the processed food and start eating raw food and juicing and your body will do the rest.
    I don’t have acid reflux any more. When I had my blood work done through the VA in June, 2014 it was the best I have seen in years. My cholesterol was at 166 and the the good cholesterol was at 41. And there was no concern about my blood sugar. It was perfect.
    I’ve also had problems with warts, dry skin, other growths that have all gone away since I’ve been on the raw food diet. Eat living food and your body will live. Eat dead food and your body will die.
    Doctors don’t understand that diet is one of the major key factors on how well or sick you will be. After all, they want you to keep coming back to them so they can make all that money with the prescriptions the treat the problems on cure it.
    It’s not easy giving up all that great tasting, poisonous food. But the rewards far outweigh the pain.
    Great to hear you are doing better. This is one bit of work that you will enjoy for the rest of your many years.
    Have a GREAT Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

    • AWESOME… 64 and no meds. Impressive. And you’re right … we are literally eating ourselves to death. Poison disguised as food has wreaked havoc on our bodies and I’m finally sick and tired of it.

      I’ve seen what juicing alone has done for my diabetes and now I’m ready to make the full transition. I lost 15 pounds with the juicing, and I’ve always been a big guy. I’m hoping the raw diet finally gets me down to the desirable 190 pounds I wish to get to.

      Doctors themselves don’t even appear to be in good health whenever I visit them… They’re overweight just like me and just flat out don’t look healthy, and yet, I’m sitting there taking advice from them … Craziness I tell ya.

      It’s all in my hands. I just checked out the link, is that your site?

      How and where do you get your vegetables/fruits from? It seems those in the main supermarkets are extremely expensive (the organic ones) and they don’t seem to be as fresh as the ones I get from the health food store — which is even more expensive.

      Any tips and secrets you can provide would be great!

      • Cartess,

        My nane is bryan an i am 39 yrs old. Can you please post what your daily meal menu and plan consist of? I also have high blood pressure and cholesterol. Also what ingredients are in your juices.?

      • Yes, the site is mine. I gather the information from other sites to populate my site with. Get rid of the useless junk.

        Buying the organic fruits and vegetables from the stores are very expensive. I grow my own and have been doing it for the past 3 years and I’m still trying to improve the yield I get each year. In the winter I usually grow a lot of greens, kale, lettuce, arugula. These seem to last even in with the frost. I’ve gone from planting in the ground to raised beds. I like the raised beds much better. I use cinder blocks instead of wood and we just had a company locate near us that has compost at a very good price to fill them up with. I compost but not enough to fill the raised beds I have.

        Fruit trees are a little trickier. I haven’t had much luck with them except the persimmon tree that was planted here over 20 years ago. Get a lot of persimmons. Over 60 pounds this years.

        I have taken a lot of tips that have been posted on my website and used them.

        You are so right when you mentioned that even the doctors are overweight. Makes you wonder how they can make you healthier? If they only knew what we know.

        A lot of work goes into being healthy and being raw is, in my opinion, the best way to go.

        Don’t have to go the the doctor’s all the time, don’t get sick. Last time I was sick was about 4 years ago with the sniffles. And you can quit most or all of your medications. Doctors don’t like to hear that.

        I know you can do it. Being a business man you know that the investment will pay huge dividends.

  • Im am very glad that you are ok. I eliminated high blood pressure and high cholesterol by taking Diatomaceous Earth. I take one teaspoon in the morning and one in the late afternoon. I recommended this to my best friend and she for the first time since being diagnosed with cancer doesn’t have to add blood pressure medication to her daily intake of medicine. Research it and look at the amazing benefits. It doesn’t have a nasty taste at all. You can mix it in with any drink. Oh one last thing. I was taking predisone and after taking the diatomaceious earth for two weeks straight I have not had to take predisone for over two years now.

  • Looking forward to juicing along with you as my eating habits have hit an all time low! Thanks for your inspiration! Wishing you continued health and happiness…
    “Best Wishes”!

    — Jo

  • Thank you for posting this! Although I don’t have diabetes, I juice every morning and follow the 80/20 rule… 80% veggies & 20% fruit. After watching Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, I immediately bought a juicer then a blender. Unfortunately, a lot of people become complacent with their health and believe that a pill will solve all that ails them (myself included). Thankfully, more and more people are learning that you’ve got to be proactive with your health. There is no food that tastes so good I’m willing to die for. LOL

    Cartress, once again thanks for teaching folks how to make our entrepreneurial dreams come true & be around to enjoy it!

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts Nellita. Are you totally raw now? I’m literally just getting started… I’ve decided that I will eat fish in the beginning and slowly phase that out… Didn’t want to sabotage myself by getting off meat entirely, thus the option to include baked/grilled fish with tons of vegetables. How has the 80/20 worked out for you thus far?

      You’re right … being around to enjoy it is the part I think most people forget to think about 🙂

  • I saw that movie. Really good information. My son has diabetes and I wish he could find a juicing recipe he could live with. He doesn’t mind juicing but gets bored easily with the recipes.

  • Im sorry, Mr.Cartess, but remember God is good and always is with you. Thank you sharing all that, but im glad you are ok. Now enjoy the beautiful life that God give us, also enjoy the holidays with your family. Mr. Cartess, i wish you at marry Christmas!!!!!!.

  • 42 and I am diabetic for 1 year now ..found out after going to the bathroom after every cup of water i drank .. and nights like 3 or 4 times blood sugar was 425.. and my eye sight went blurry..
    now i am currently at 6.7 A1C .. trying to juice hoping to get off meds which are giving me side effects
    Ross please sure your recipe .. i am hoping to rid myself of these meds

  • God bless Dr Leroy for helping me cure my diabetes type 2. Brethren, i have suffered diabetes for a long period of time, But i had contact with a doctor who so many people testified about, on how they were all cured of their various diseases and viruses by this doctor. So i explained my entire problems to him, and he promised to cure me, and behold he prepared the herbal mixture, and sent it to me in my country. Today, i am proud to say i am diabetes free, and my sugar level has been restored to normal. So in case you are out there suffering from diabetes and other diseases, quickly contact Dr Leroy for your cure via email.
    God bless you.

  • Hello Cartess,

    Z. Miller

    Love your video man!! They’re extremely informative and educational. I must say my brother. I absolutely respect your decision to up root your family and decide to travel the world. That took grit, confidences and gut’s to do. In your own words OUTRAGEOUS!! I’m very proud to see an African American family takes chances and just decided to “Go The Hell For It”.

    I’m sure it took a lot of trail and error to find the best fit or country for you and family to reside and to make the right decision and say with a family hug.. “This is our new home family”.  Medellin Colombia!!

    Moreover, unlike the US you don’t have to be concerned about you or your family becoming another statistic of Black on Black crime or worst becoming a victim of DWB. As, it is so much in the news these day’s.

    I’ll be taking a visit to Cali Colombia later this year. I just need to renew my passport. Keep up the great work and keep posting those awesome video’s.

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