Avoid Life's Biggest Regrets by Living Your Happy Life Now

Pool Shark

Haunted by their past, 1,500 people over the age of 65 and nearing death, reveal the 6-biggest regrets over their lives. 

Numbers 3 and 6 shocked me. Take a look:

Wishing they lived their dream and not someone else's expectations

Only YOU know what's best for you. Allow yourself to live.

Wishing they'd taken more risks in their life

Stop playing it safe! Identify the things you want to do and do it!

Wishing they'd been happier and enjoyed life more

Identify the stuff you enjoy doing and do it more often.

Wishing they'd been a better spouse, parent or child

In the end, its your family who'll be by your side around the clock.

Wishing they'd been more loving to those who mattered

Show love and share gratitude to those you care about. Do it now.

Wishing they'd not spent so much time working

Working to buy and keep 'stuff' usually cause this problem

Get clear on what you want and start living a life of 'No Regrets' right now!

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Unleash and live your full potential.

Get clear on what you want and start living a life of 'No Regrets' right now!

A Few of My Happy Moments

Happiness is a Choice. Decide what makes you happy and act on it

I enjoy teaching about making money online. I'm at local bookstore :)

Got to meet and train with one of my mentors, Mark Cuban in Dallas, TX

Taking a self-publishing class with book writing expert Daphne Glenn

Hanging out on the golf course with my 14-year old after homeschooling

I love craft fairs to see what 'makers' make. My daughter buying an apron

Enjoying breakfast prepared by our housekeeper in Medellin, Colombia

This is what a road-trip looks like when driving to Montreal, Canada

Enjoying an extended vacay on Tybee Island near Savannah, Georgia

Enjoying a game of pool with my 'shark of a daughter' at midnight ...

Teaching my daughter how to make 'self-tapes' for TV and movie auditions

Went to Atlanta to see my best friend perform her first theatrical play

Random visit to see my oldest daughter in Jacksonville (went to TopGolf)

Helping my best friend put together his own real estate investing course

Shining with my son Cartess III, up and coming rapper, Lord-Tez

Helicopter ride w/ my youngest girls. The female pilot made it more awesome!

Letting my girls practice their make-up and hair/weave skills on me

I enjoy going to auctions where I 'buy low' and then 'sell high'. I love these!

My girls have taken a liking to fishing, and so we go quite regularly now

The kids and I hanging out with my mom (their grand-mom for a few days)

Going wig shopping with my 18-year old Skye Ross ... Takes forever!

Now my youngest child wants to go wig shopping... Hanging with my cousin

Don't know how or where to start?

Let's talk ... Schedule a Deep Dive coaching session with me and let's figure out a strategy and a plan to get you to your happy place!