Model These 10 Millionaire Habits & You Can Be Happy, Healthy & RICH!


It’s really quite simple. Bad habits produce bad results. Good habits produce good results.

If you don’t pay yourself first after getting your paycheck, then you’ll likely be broke before your next paycheck arrives (thus the term, living paycheck-to-paycheck).

If you do pay yourself first after getting your paycheck, you likely won’t be broke before your next check arrives…

It’s simple little habits like these that’ll determine the quality of life you’ll live …

Don’t pay your bills on-time and your credit rating will drop … which means you’ll have to pay more money to get a car, or even an extra deposit or two in order to move into a house or an apartment. These poor habits will affect everything in your life moving forward … They even check credit to consider you for a job nowadays.


How to Create YOUR Dream Life in Less Than 24-Hours Guaranteed!

Each day we’re alive is a gift from God. And how you manage the next 24-hours of your life will determine the quality of life you’ll have.

For most of us, everyday is a full day of responsibilities. Life happens. Kids need this. Our spouse needs that. The car needs fixing. Debt is rising and before you know it, life is controlling you. When in reality, we’re suppose to be in control.

God has given us dominion over our days. Which means we literally rule our day. We have power over each hour in the 24-hour period given to us.

Some of us may choose to punch a clock for 8 hours. Others may choose to sit on their butts and do absolutely nothing but sleep and play video games all day.

Regardless to what we do — it’s ours and ours alone.

In this video, I’ll reveal how you can take control over your days and create the lifestyle you want. You’ll learn how to


3 Reasons to Compile Your Bucket List Before You Die!

What is a bucket list?

A bucket list is a list of things one hopes to accomplish before they die…

Essentially, you write up the list, and then you check them off one-by-one as you complete them … I’m a big believer in setting goals. Without goals, you wake up each day without focus. Goals give us something to strive for.

They give us direction … and if you don’t have a bucket list, I’d encourage you to write yours out today.

Here are 3 great reasons to start now…

  1. It makes you look at what you really want: Oftentimes, we wake up each day doing the same old stuff. For many of us, we really don’t know what we want to do. We lack direct and focus. And one of the benefits of creating a bucket list is that it forces us to sit down and map out some of those things we want. Once we know what we want, we can then come up with a plan to get us going in the right direction.
  2. You live a much more satisfying life: When you’re able to pursue your passions, you’re able to enjoy a much more rewarding and satisfying life. You have purpose. You have ambition. You have drive.
  3. Your confidence increases and you continue to strive for more: Once you start slashing things off your bucket list, you start to add new ones. And the more you slash off, and the more you add new ones,  the more your confidence grows. And before you know it, you’ll be achieving some amazing things as your life continues to move forward. You become fearless. You become confident. You’re living life without fear!


How I Beat Type 2 Diabetes by Juicing it Away!

Back around March of this year (2014), I was sick like a dog … My entire day consisted of running back and forth to the bathroom to pee.

Even at night, it didn’t stop. I was becoming delirious from the lack of sleep because it seemed like I was getting out of bed to go to the bathroom all night long.

I just never seemed to get enough water … just had to have it non-stop.

The constant eating … I was devouring everything in sight. That non-sense went on for about a week before I finally decided to take my butt to the doctor.

I went to the urgent care center around the corner from my house early in the morning … Once I got there, they did some blood work on me and said my blood sugar was right below the 400 mark … I think around 390 to be exact.

The nurse practitioner looked me straight in the eyes and told me she couldn’t help me and told me to take my butt to the emergency right away … she started telling me that I could die and started feeding me with a bunch of facts about type 2 diabetes.

Stuff like loosing my foot and fingers … She talked about the fact of me going blind and never regaining my eyesight back.

She scared me really bad.


How to Achieve Your Most Outrageous Goals and Dreams This Year!

Your present level of knowledge has gotten you to where you’re at now, but your FUTURE will require much more than your present requires of you.

Before I started setting goals, I was all over the place.

I was unfocused and didn’t have a clue as to what I’d do from day to day and my businesses suffered because of that.

I’d literally start a business, make money, and midway through, I’d quickly abandon it to start another one based on some wild idea I got in the middle of the night.

But I no longer have that problem anymore…

I’m focused. Disciplined and determined to see my projects/goals through.

Watch the video below to discover how to map out your future and get it!


How to Start an Online Business With No Money — This WEEK!

Technology and the Internet has literally changed the way we do business. It still blows my mind that I have a business that’s truly International.

What’s even more odd is the fact that I’m almost at a point where my International customer base will soon exceed the U.S. based customers I have.

Considering I’ve never visited any of these countries or continents, my products and services are changing the lives of people all over the world.

So get ready…

Because with what I’m going to teach you today, you too can start building your very own international business in as little as 24-hours.