Speak it Into Existence: The Power of Your Words to Create a Life You Desire!

I have a story for you about the power of the tongue and how it can literally speak things into existence.

A word of caution here folks… When you ask for something, you better be very specific, because you will get exactly what you asked for… Along with the things you didn’t ask for too!

This story relates to how the wife I asked for came into my life. The entire process shocked me and showed me how one can literally get what they ask for in life if they’re willing to “speak it into existence”.

I think after this story, you’ll agree that this was in no way a coincidence or a chance thing.

I was a shy young lad growing up and approaching women always made me nervous and break out into cold sweats. So for me, dating revolved around classified ads and telephone dating services… This was before the Internet became BIG.

I was born in Mississippi and raised all over the United States. My dad was in the Army and every 2-3 years we would move to a new place. In addition to the constant moves, we would go back to Mississippi every few years to see my grandparents.

As I got older, the one thing I noticed was how the women there always took care of ‘their’ men… They loved on them, fed them and catered to their every need.

Mind you, I was young and didn’t have any sense… The reality was, these men were a bunch of lazy dead beats!

But again, I was young and didn’t know any better.

But anyways, that was something that stood out to me and as a teenager, and after that, I always said I wanted to marry me a woman from Mississippi “because they knew how to take care of their men“. And I wanted a woman with braces. Don’t ask me how they came into being, I can’t remember.

As the years went by and I got older, I continued to say I wanted to marry a woman from Mississippi with braces, even while I was in the Air Force serving a 4 year tour.

I know, this is getting long so let’s fast forward to the late 90′s I was out of the Air Force and no longer thinking about a woman from Mississippi with braces.

I was in school and trying to get a business going when I came across these telephone dating services.

As I indicated earlier, the Internet was still brand spanking new and I wasn’t on it much at that time. So the telephone was a great choice for me.

You basically dialed into these numbers and you could listen to voice messages of the girls describing themselves.

You pay a fee to access the system which allowed you to connect and leave messages on the girl’s voice-mail box.

Anyhow, one girl stood out… She indicated she loved horseback riding, scuba diving and outdoor hiking.

And I being a black man with many fine qualities myself, thought it strange to hear a black girl who loved horseback riding, scuba diving and outdoor hiking.

I thought this ‘chick’ would be an interesting one to meet.

So I left a message and she called me back; quickly I might add (you see, I had ‘game’ back in the day).

To make a long story short, we hooked up and went — bowling I think, and then we went out to shoot pool (billiards).

When I first saw her, I noticed she had braces… And since I’d stop thinking about women from Mississippi with braces, it didn’t click with me then…

But later during the date as we talked, she indicated she was from Gulfport… That’s Gulfport, Mississippi.

That’s when it dawned on me that I was talking to my wife… Whom I later married and currently have 5 kids with now.

The moral of the story

Had I known what I know now about the power of the tongue, the power of your thoughts and the power of your mind… There would have been a few more qualities I would have asked for, since apparently, I was getting what I wanted.

And trust me on this one… You will get exactly what you asked for, too include the things you didn’t ask for.

So you might as well be very specific about your wants, and take even more time to outline the very specific things you DON’T want.

This woman wasn’t taking care of any man, LOL…

A few scriptures I found that validates the power we have over our own lives:

  •  Proverbs 18:21 – Death and life are in the power of the tongue
  •  John 1:1-51 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made that was made. In him was life, and the life was the light of men.
  • Genesis 1:1 -In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters. And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.
  • Joel 3:10let the weak say, I am strong

With This Power Comes Great Responsibility

With the power of our tongue, we can literally speak into existence the life we want. And we can literally use this power to create anything we want in our lives.

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Share your story or thoughts about how you spoke something into existence!

Leave your comments below… I’d love to hear from you!

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Tiopane says

Great article! I’m applying this in my own life right now! I wish I had known this ages ago! God bless!

Rosaland Snelling says

I was unsaved with four children with two baby daddy’s. I was tired of my way of living. I wanted a real man for a husband. I wanted a man that loved church. I prayed and asker the Lord for a husband. God gave me exactly what I wanted. Three months into the marriage I got saved and received the Holy spirit. My busband didn’t understand. Problems set in and I remembered what I asked for. So, I went back to God and told Him to save and fill my husband with the Holy spirit. God did that and my husband and I were ordained as Minister’s on May 22, 2011, along with other Minister’s of tje Gospel. God again, gave me what I wanted. I spoke it in praying to the Lord and He heard and answered.

    Cartess Ross says

    That is wonderful Rosaland. Thanks for sharing your story — it’s sincerely appreciated!

    lamesha says


Regina says

I am still thinking this through. I belive in God and i make my requests known to him and then I believe he jot only hears me hut will answer my prayers. But ini the mean time i believe and then speak it into existence.

francer ekeke says

I am a believer. Powerful article!!

fellissa says

Thanks for that article and insight, I will definitely stop the negativity self-talk and ask for what I need. My peace means the world to me today once again thanks.

Valerie says

I’m so glad you are enlightening us all. I just now started learning what I already knew

Montessori Academy Of Long Beach says

Thoughts become words. Words become actions. Actions become our destiny. Goethe.

tara says

Hi my name is tara im 36 years,old im asking for prayers i never had a boyfriend. Or a man i been. Asking. God to send me my future. Husbands.iam also. Asking for prayes. On education,i need my ged so i can go back. To college. And further. My education,and get a job.life really been harder. For me .please. Pray fir there are days when. I feel. Like given up!like there’s. No hope i really. Don’t know what else to do please. Pray for me…..

    Valeriemccoy says

    Don’t give up , read the good book and God will speak directly to u. My son went through something and I had to stay strong . It was hard but God brought him out , he’s still in the land of the living. It taught me not to be greatful for everyday and everything, even though it seem like it was one thing after another. God shoe me that he’s real and don’t put my trust in no one but him. Read the good book and he will speak directly to u. People will always let us down, but God is real.

    Valeriemccoy says

    Don’t give up , read the good book and God will speak directly to u. My son went through something and I had to stay strong . It was hard but God brought him out , he’s still in the land of the living. It taught me to be greatful for everyday and everything, even though it seem like it was one thing after another. God showed me that he’s real and don’t put my trust in no one but him. People will always let us down, but God is real and he will let u know. It’s a blessing when he do . He show us in so many ways

Nikita says

I have and will and have started speaking things into the atmosphere and have faith while i pray im believing God to be pregnant and im 43 and tubes tied bit im a believer and my husband is to so it is so rt now

vanessa says


lamesha says

When i was 36 years old something came over me , i was never really the type who thought about marriage or the white picket fence you know with the cat an dog, But at the age of 36 I would tell my kids i am going to own my own home, It was 3 things i started to feel i wanted I started to speak it every day I am going to own my own home , so one particular day i ask my middle son to help me plant my seed in the ground I’m not talking about fruit seeds or vegetables seeds I’m talking about 3 things i want and i said i want them by the time I’m 40 my kids actually thought i was crazy because everyday i would say this , So i took a piece of paper and wrote down 3 things i wanted by 40 my own home, a husband an to be financially stable so i buried it in the backyard of the house i was living in at the time as that being said God gives you what you ask for , At the age of 39 i closed out my house I’m 40 now, Getting married next year.

    Cartess Ross says

    Thats AMAZING Lamesha. I love the concept of planting seeds in the ground. It makes it even more real — while your kids thought it was crazy, you can best believe when they get older and become adults, they’re going to remember what you did and accomplished and will do the same thing themselves. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Renay says

    Definitely doing the plan ting of the seed in the ground. Wat a, Blessing. Wow!

Gwendoln Bonner says

Enjoyed reading your article!

shell says

I ask god to help my husband to stop smoking ciger and to let him live I thank god


Knowledge is power. ….

Nancy says

hey very true indeed words have powers and we get what we ask for. when i had my first pregnancy, i prayed or asked for a baby boy and i got exactly that! my 2nd preg i asked for a baby boy who looked exactly like his dad and believe me i bore a boy who looked exactly like my husband! 3rd preg again i asked for a baby boy who loves food( for my two kids never liked to eat and i had a hard time feeding them) surprisingly i bore a son and when i weaned him, he couldn’t wait for me to finish cooking before he started crying for food.! he eats soo much.! i got what i asked for. words have powers friends beware.

    Cartess Ross says

    That is too funny, thanks for sharing 🙂

Jeanne says


elaine says

God bless you, I’m tired of falling into sin with the same type men, I asked God for a Godly man in the church good with finances,I asked for forgiveness, and I met someone 6 mo.ago aprox. his dreams are my dreams, great with finances, stresses on savings and tithes,wow perfect.,great family man but very afraid to trust because of 2 failed marriages, I too with failed marriages, see a future,with him, but am praying that Jesus delivers him, and show him I am his future, to trust me and love me as Christ loved the church. He is the answer to my prayers as a God fearing strong leader,I see God using us both together; I will believe and speak my prayers and desires into existence!

    Cartess Ross says

    Hi Elaine! I love how you specifically asked God for a Godly man and one who’s good with finances. Keep us posted!

Rocky says

I’m so happy to read these comments and articles.?
It is of the upmost importance that you please find the Conversation with God series There r 10 books in all by Neale Donald Walsh . Please listen the the entirety because it is the TRUTH. And all our answers You r so correct we are Creators All of us. It was Jesus who said. ” My brothers why are you so surprised? You yourself can do these very things and so much more. Please enlighten yourself and help me bring humanity into the pease we can achieve.

antwan says

This have help me a lot

Millionaire1 says

I hold hardly believe you can have the life you want by speaking life into it….ive been doing it for years. Some things have already manifested itself. ..but im still waiting patiently on the rest and am not giving up….for I will have the the desires of my heart….in Jesus name..Amen.!!!!

Andrew says

Your comment that you thought it strange that a black girl would like horseback riding and scuba made me laugh.

Great article though, and it is true. Here is my story.

I have always been a very shy gent but I love women. However it was always a monumental struggle for me to become intimate with them. I would literally speak that I was denied intimacy, and my life became baron of intimacy. Even my wife had no interest.

What I didn’t realize was that my prison was self-professed.

I got listening to a pastor one day and he was talking about the creative power of words and how your destiny is shaped but what you believe to be true and by what you speak.

I mustered up the faith to believe that I was desirable, and I spoke it out loud to God that I was going to have some sort of intimate contact within the next six months.

Not two weeks later, I was minding my own business and a female friend of mine asked me, out of the clear blue, to kiss her. Instinct kicked in and I immediately obliged. This woman is beautiful, but she is not my wife. Anyway, this thing has never happened to me before in my 25 years of marriage. I was STUNNED at the rapidity of this development.

I therefore declared to my wife, out loud, with my mouth, and in the name of Jesus, that God has already restored intimate relations in my marriage. My wife was a bit shocked by this, but we made love that night…first time in 10 years! She now is allowing intimacy in our relationship. I am BLOWN AWAY by this! It’s like I just discovered nuclear power!

The power of faith, prayer, and words, folks. It is real.

Weigh your motives, believe it, pray, and speak it, and it shall come to pass.

    Cartess Ross says

    That is an amazing story Andrew. WOW!!! I’m so happy to hear things between you and the wife are on the right track. As you mentioned, sometimes we create our own prison, but thank God we can break out!

Tiara says

Ok, this is going to be weird but here goes. I recently read about the power of speaking things into existence—- I heard this before years ago but was skeptical, especially since a bunch of nonbelievers speak a lot about this and the power of “the secret” as well. Well, I decided to give this method a try anyway and spoke these two things into existence on Friday:
1. I will become the VP of my department at work.
2. The next romantic relationship I have will be a long lasting one that leads to marriage and is with someone faithful, kind, and honorable.

Just a few hours ago I had my 6 month review with my boss who informed me that I have been doing a fantastic job, and that he admires my ability to be proactive, dependable, and to take initiative. He said my CEO and vp’s always remark about how much of an asset I am to the team, and how valuable I am to the company. Additionally, he said I will receive a $3,000 bonus on my next pay check, and that as the company grows he would like to see me develop into a more responsible role where I transition into becoming the Director of my department within the next 6-9 months.

Can you guys believe this???????!!!!

I am still in shock and am surreal about how quickly this happened. I am convinced that there is power in the tongue and now that I know this, I am confident I will meet my future husband in the next few months!!! LOL, I will let you guys know how it goes.

Great article!

    Cartess Ross says

    That is AWESOME Tiara… Congratulations to you. Continue to speak great things for yourself – and be very specific and clear. It will come to past.

Sydney says

The exactly same story happened to me, I prayed to God to get me a wife of my description, I met her and we are still together with two kids. I can’t stop thanking God for her since getting a right mate is not easy.

    Cartess Ross says

    Congrats Sydney… You findeth a good thing!

Grady Reasor says

God gave Adam the ability to name things or in other words to speak them into existence God could have named all the animals but he let Adam do it what will you name today what will you speak into existence

dyson motorhead says

Hello every one, here every one is sharing these knowledge, so it’s nice
to read this web site, and I used to pay a visit this web
site daily.

jeffrey johnson says

In jesus name.i love you lord.i readly speak the things I ask to come through now lord.lord you know I claim it now lord.

T_Mart says

Question. I’d like for those in this community to help me help someone else. You see her problem is that she takes the belief of speaking something into existence out of context. Example of a situation where we were having a conversation me knowing that things were getting to a place where we were going to have to agree to disagree I made the statement in the conversation simply said at some point ( I didn’t want to fight ) when I said that the person I was talking to then said by me saying that it means that we going to fight since I was putting that out into the universe.

Correct me if I’m wrong but when we are speaking things into existence making statements of non violence shouldn’t insue the very thing we are speaking against right? I told the person in question that because I say I don’t want to fight doesn’t mean we will fight. In the way (she) belives it speaking things into existence, statements can to bring what is said into existence even if your stating you don’t want to fight yet a fight is what you’l get. I’m going to put this the nicest way possible without trying to offend the person I know that has such a bad idea of how speaking things into existence works, but ((That’s Wrong)) right? Am I right by saying she is completely taking speaking things into existence out of context or what? Because it makes no since how a person can say they don’t want to fight but the other person basically fights because of a statement made on not wanting to fight. It makes no since to me and i’d like if folks can help me help my friend who doesn’t seem to have a good understanding on the proper way speaking things into existence works.

Hails says

I have heard of the power of speaking things into existence before, and I decided to give it a try. There was this guy that I had sort of a crush on but that moment it wasn’t right for us to be together so everyday for a few weeks I would envision him and claim that he would be mine and we would cross paths. But, as you stated before we need to be specific in what we ask for, I was not in that situation and it not end in the manner I was hoping for. I am now prayer on a past situation that has been weighing heavy on my heart. I have prayed continuously to God and asked him to mold him into the man for me and mold me into the woman for him , so that together we can be what God wants. I also pray for patience during this time as I know that it will not happen over night. I know that the Lord will bring him back to me when the time is right, I have prayed and asked for it to be his will. I just pray that during the time I can accept what comes to me with an open mind and heart as I prepare what the future holds.

Kenneth Langford says

I have learned to speak Gods word, instead of speaking on what I am going through. Everyday I speak life over my self and over my family remembers and over my finances, body and mind in Jesus name.

Danti says

I will apply this in my life. Thanks for the article, I really needed to read this!

Patrice says

Great story and so so true. I’m married and I got exactly what I asked for.

A husband that goes to church – I got one that will go to church everyday of the week but he does not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It’s more for entertainment and show for him.

A husband that can keep a job – I got that but he is a workaholic and is never home.

A husband that doesn’t drink or smoke – I got that but he has a whole set of other issues.

I have since learned to be very very specific in everything I ask for. I didn’t give a list of things I don’t want so thank you for that advice.

Charkesetta Coder says

I will an need to apply this to my life

Prayerful says

This article was so powerful and encouraging. I pray often, I thank God for my blessings all the time. I try to pray even when I’m not asking Him for anything. I have applied for a job, my interviews have went extremely well. There was a minor discrepancy on my background check, in reference to my work history. I immediately began thinking negative and thought the opportunity was taken from me. After reading this article and a lot of prayer, I know if God wants this for me it will happen regardless. And if he didnt want this for me he wouldn’t have presented this opportunity to me, especially being that I have applied for this company four different times.Thank you for the encouraging article and I will continue to pray and envision the position is mine and I will accept the offer when it comes.

Ana says

If I knew back then what I’ve learned now I would go back and make many changes..please pray for my Son Eduardo.. When he was in my womb I said God let him look like his Daddy, but with my attitude.. Since 13 he has given me a hell of a life because of his bad attitude, he went to jail, he just got out of prison ….please help me pray for the salvation of his soul. Thank u

Sarah Lauren says

I have always been the one to preach “speak it into existence”. I may not know the full ins and outs of it which is why I am so very thankful for running across this article! Someone who used to be very close to me was giving me advice one day on something that I wish would happen. He had heard me talk about this so much in the past and finally said to me “Sarah, speak it into existence.” I was rambling before that, but as soon as I heard that response I was shocked and just kind of paused and said “wait.. what?” He explained to me how he looked at it and how he recommended that I look at it. It was not something I began to follow, but it has always been something that I think about and remember often. I tried to use this method to prevent something from happening, so I tried to speak into existence that it would not. I did not end up preventing this incident from happening, but I believe that I can reverse it if I can truly learn how to speak it that way. I am dying to learn more and would love to invest my time into learning more about this topic. I am a new college student and always stressed because I am having a hard time adjusting so I believe learning a lifestyle to create more positivity and a life that I truly want will lead me further down the road to success and living life out to the fullest. I want to be ensured happiness and that is something that I am not now, but I do not let that define me. I ran across this song called “Manifest” by Russ where there are lyrics that say “Movin to the rhythm of my intuition any thing I want I speak into existence, that’s how I’m living that’s how I’m winning.” This song made me start remembering what that same old friend told me. Which got me do some researching which was what lead me to this article and now I want to start a better life by living out “speaking it into existence.”

Wanda Atkinson says

I’ve always wanted a Pickett fence spoke it since a little girl, now living in house with Pickett fence.

    Cartess Ross says

    There you go … It works!

monica says

That was a great story! I have a story of my own. I used to work as an insurance agent last yr ,i was there for 4 yrs. I was outside with my daughter and we had paper in our hands writing things down and i had told her i am going to own my own insurance company because i was tired of working for other people as i was telling her i was also writing everything down on paper and she was looking at me all crazy. I was really serious and craving for it. I went into detail. I didn’t say i wished or wanted,i said i was and i think that put everything into existence. I said things like i am going to have my own office, borrow money from the bank and how much i was going to borrow. i was being really pacific. so that was a year ago. well.. all my old clients started calling me and asked me how come i won’t start my own insurance business. i was like?? it was random thing. i had over 40 calls in a week asking me. so i said ok. i think this is a sign. so i was looking for a office building and i happen to see a for rent sign as i was passing by it. I called and he said 800 i was like ugh that was too much for me. he said i will help you out by lowering it down to 600 a month because i know how it is being a new business owner. so i said ok i will get with you and the next day i went to my bank and asked for a 5,000 loan which that is what i wrote down on paper and they said no problem. Not only that but my ex husband sold his house and he said i am giving you another 5,000 for your business. so everything was happening so fast i wanted to look at the office and everything i wrote down i had in there. it felt like iwas in a dream. But everything i asked for it came to pass because i believed it. i keep god in everything i do.

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