The Secret to Traveling Abroad & Living Anywhere in the World

Living abroad is an appealing concept and idea. We talked about doing it for nearly 15 years but never really looked into it until recently, and finally took our butts over to live in Medellin, Colombia.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been slammed with requests from people inquiring about a variety of topics, like…

  • How do you determine which country to live in?
  • What is the healthcare like?
  • How do you support yourself?
  • How much money do you need to have to live comfortably?

In this video, I won’t answer these questions directly, I’ll do that in another post… But, in this video, I will reveal the one thing you must do today, if it’s your desire to travel abroad and/or live anywhere in the world!


Discover How We Ditched Everything We Owned and Started Traveling Abroad Within 2-Weeks

Been getting a surge of e-mails from people talking about how they’ve been spending 2-3 years planning their travel abroad.

It seriously don’t take that long to get this all sorted out. For us, once we made the decision, we was out within a couple weeks.

We sold everything we owned (and what we couldn’t sell, we gave it away and threw the rest in a big 20-feet dumpster we rented.

Play the video below to get the full-story of how we pulled this off in record time:

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30-Day Update: Uncensored Truth About Living in Medellin, Colombia

WOW … It’s hard to believe we’ve been living in Medellin Colombia for a month now. It seems like we just got here. 30 days ago, my family of 5 arrived in Medellin, Colombia on an airplane shortly after midnight. It was dark and raining and we didn’t know what to expect upon arriving.

Taxi drivers rushed us to get our luggage and it was all happening so fast. We didn’t understand what they were saying and the reality of it all hit us pretty quick … We are in a foreign country and we don’t know what the heck is going on. All I could think of was all of the negative stories I heard about kidnappings, drugs, ransoms and other craziness.

Because we had too many bags, we had to get into two separate taxis. My wife took two of the girls, and I had the youngest one … I honestly didn’t know what to think after we got into separate taxis. I immediately started praying and pleaded with God to get us all to the hotel safely and together. A part of me was frightened and hoped these taxi guys weren’t going to kidnap and ransom us off for money..


The VERDICT after 1 Week in Medellin Colombia

Since arriving to Medellin Colombian about 8 days ago, we’ve had the chance to wander around and get a feel for the city. In the following video, I discuss all of the fears and safety concerns I had prior to getting here.

Play the video below to get a newbies perspective on what it’s like to be a foreigner in Colombia, South America.

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Spanish Lessons in Medellin with Ana

So today, Ana came by to spend more time with us on our Spanish. We’ve been here a week already and I’m really beginning to believe that I can pick this language up — and I’m 42 years old.

The kids seem to enjoy it and they just seem to pick it up much faster. Worse case-scenario is that I can tote one of them around Medellin to speak and translate Spanish on my behalf.

Here’s a small clip from one of our Spanish lessons with Ana in Medellin!

Today, we played a game that’s similar to bingo … It was really fun and the kids really enjoyed it. We also played a modified version of Pictionary too.