Spanish Lessons in Medellin with Ana

by Cartess Ross  - October 22, 2016

So today, Ana came by to spend more time with us on our Spanish. We’ve been here a week already and I’m really beginning to believe that I can pick this language up — and I’m 42 years old.

The kids seem to enjoy it and they just seem to pick it up much faster. Worse case-scenario is that I can tote one of them around Medellin to speak and translate Spanish on my behalf.

Here’s a small clip from one of our Spanish lessons with Ana in Medellin!

Today, we played a game that’s similar to bingo … It was really fun and the kids really enjoyed it. We also played a modified version of Pictionary too.

Here are a few of the Spanish words we learned today:

  • que son esos (WHAT ARE THOSE)
  • vamos (let’s go)
  • jugo (juice)
  • por favor (please)
  • pequeño (small)
  • mediano (medium)
  • big (grande)
  • gaseosa (soda) I recognized this one at the supermarket
  • ayuda (help)
  • me das (can I have)
  • no más (no more)
  • gracias (thanks)
  • de nada (you’re welcome)
  • con gusto (you’re welcome)
  • hola (hello)
  • buenos dias (good morning)
  • buenas tardes (good afternoon)
  • buenas noches (good night)

Our housekeeper Gloria made an awesome bowl of soup today … and she taught me how to say: ‘Me gusta la sopa’.

Translation: I like the soup!

If you have a few Spanish words to teach me, feel free to share below … I need all of the help I can get while here in Medellin Colombia.

The VERDICT after 1 Week in Medellin Colombia

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  • Cartess, I use the app” Duolingo” on my phone to study Spanish, it is very popular and easy to use. It has daily lessons,tracks your progress and you can choose your work load level. This thing is free and good for the whole family. My wife and I have been using it every day for the past year and it is beginning to soak in. You can also change the language on your phones to Spanish if you wish. Adios!

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